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Monsters into Magic Items, E-G

 I think these ideas range wildly between 'fantastic and evocative' 'porridge-bland' and 'probably overpowered' but you know what, I'm ok with the inconsistent mixture. I don't want reading this to cause 'weirdness fatigue' and I don't want it to be generic stuff a table of corporate suits could have come up with, so I hope a mixture makes people both want to mine this for ideas and come up with their own.
Eagle, Giant
Potion- Of Flight
Component Giant Eagle Egg Yolk
Spell- Feather Fall/Levitate
Component- The wings of an eagle, taken midflight, their feathers used as quills and blood as ink
Item-Eagle Eye Hood- When active, you see (and target) things as though you were 100 feet closer. If it's already within 100 feet, you can't see it.
Component-Every feather from a giant-eagles head.
Weapon- Talon Spear- You take 0 damage from falling, provided you fall onto a target spear-first. They take all the falling damage you would've taken in addition to spear damage.
Component-Eagle claw from an eagle that died from falling damage

Elemental- Elementals are simultaneously very supernatural and very generic.
Potion Of Thirst Quenching- Serves as 1 gallon of water, because that's what it is.
Spell-Air Resonance Tongue- Ventriloquism, but as a skill, not a spell
Component- Air
Item- Stone of Weight- Holds open doors, holds down pressure plates, sinks snitches to the bottom of brooklyn bay, etc, etc
Component- A rock
Weapon-Club of Flaming- Provides light and damage as torch, for duration as torch.

Elephant-In fantasyland, it's not poaching endangered species! On the other hand, you might be murdering intelligent creatures with souls.
Potion Of Memory- Recalls details of past experiences with perfect, Sherlock Holmesian clarity.
Component-Elephant Brain
Component- An Elephant trunk that once lifted an elephant
Item-Wastebasket- Things kept in the elephants foot have any radiation, malign auras, acid, petrifying beams, etc, contained by the leathery hide. It is essentially indestructible and impenetrable from the inside.
Component-Elephant's foot that crushed something deadly, like a scorpion or cursed potion
Weapon- Ivory Lance- When Charging, add an extra x1 damage modifier for every facing turn you can fit into the charge, and finally have a reason to care about the Maneuverability rules
Component-Elephant Tusk carved into a lance while still attached to a live elephant.

Frog, Giant
Potion- Of Amphibity- Water breathing for air breathers and air breathing for water breathers.
Component-Gills of a frog. If any nerds tell you frogs don't have gills, agree with them because it's your goal as GM to ensure they have fun, and if they have more fun having realistic giant frogs and no potions of Amphibity that's their choice and you should respect it.
Spell- Top Hop- Allows you to hop to the top of something. Level 1- 30 height. Level 4- 240 height. Level 6- No limit to height.
Component- A frog must tell you the myth of Ronya, a folk hero rabbit who hopped over the moon and won several log-hopping competitions, among other things.
Item-Frog Suit- As slimy leather armor. Monsters have a hard time grappling the slimy outfit, and it is a mostly watertight seal for protecting you from various liquid menaces.

Dungeon Meshi is pretty much the Monster Menu-All Manga and I recommend it even to people who think they don't like manga
Component-Frog skins. They'll dry out in a few days.
Weapon- Frog-Tongue Whip- Extends, sticks, retracts. 15' reach Deals only 1 point of damage but hauls the lighter of wielder or target towards the heavier.
Component-Tongue of a frog fed glue

Potion- Holy Water Also functions as a Bless spell if you drink it.
Component-Water that's run off/through a gargoyle as it perched on a church.
Component-Moss from a gargoyles' back.
Item- Gargoyle Armor- The petrous hide of a gargoyle can be affixed to chainmail to create stone-and metal armor with encumbrance as unmagical plate. Creatures of 3 or less HD and people without magical weapons treat the wearer as AC20, while 4HD creatures and magic-weapon wielding foes treat the wearer as being clad in chainmail. It's also hella spiky and damages things that grapple you, and is treated as the more advantageous of stone or metal when it comes to oozes trying to eat it.
Component-The hide of a gargoyle. As gargoyles are made of stone, figuring out what's the hide and what's 'flesh' is pretty tricky.
Weapon- Gargoyle Head Mace- Exactly what it sounds like. 2handed and heavy, it offers redemption to the wicked and salvation for the damned. The wielder may Turn undead as a cleric of 1 level lower, and supernaturally wicked beings that fail morale (first time only) save vs spell or have a change of heart and surrender, seeking either death or absolution.
Component-Head of a gargoyle that turned itself in for execution for its misdeeds.

Gelatinous Cube
Potion-Cubic Dust- Treated liquids have their molecular structure altered so that their resting shape is a cube, rather than container-conforming liquid. Snorting it is a bad idea.
Component-Powdered Gelatinous Cube
Spell- Hold Monster
Component- Imprisoned GC, held in a perfect cube container.
Item-Gelatinous Dice-Use with gloves. Always rolls a certain result due to the cube preferring a certain orientation. People squeezing it too hard will break the seal of paint and possibly get paralyzed. Feed it bugs to keep it healthy.
Component-Gelatinous cube, shrunken via vinegar and painted with inorganic paint.
Weapon- Diamond Hammer-A translucent cube set at the end of a haft. Is nigh indestructible but curiously will only transfer force into organic substances and would ricochet harmlessly off of the fragilest glass. Some people cap one end with wood so it can be used as a mallet, but it doesn't look nearly as cool then.
Component-petrified gelatinous cube.

Potion- Cannibal Stew- Roll for the ghoul's stats, maybe increase your own. This Post
isn't exactly how the dangers of cannibalism work, but should give you an idea of how forbidden and sketchy it is. Also it's a good post. Read that post. Do it.
Component-Bicep, Hand, Liver, Brain, Heart, Face, boiled into stew. Works with human parts too.
Spell-Hold Person
Component-A live ghoul that paralyzed itself. Don't ask me how.
Item- Ghoul Venom-Smear on bloodletting weapons to cause a Save vs Paralysis. Accidentally poison yourself on critical fails. Needs to be re-applied after every hit.
Component-Living human flesh coated in ghoul saliva- that's what activates the curse in the stuff.
Weapon- Ghul Claws- Clawed gauntlets that work well for climbing and digging, and if used to slay a venomous being, they take on that venom for 1 day per HD it had. There's a famed eastern assassin said to use these.
Component- Ghouls that wield weapons are rare, but you gotta find one and reforge its weapons, with absolutely no cleaning them off first.

Potion- Of Grease. As mundane grease, but cold and spooky.
Component- Ectoplasm. Ghosts drip the stuff everywhere so even level 1 nobodies can collect this.
Spell- Magic Jar-Ghosts are the granddaddies (or, culturally speaking, probably grandmammies because [18 Page Research paper Redacted]) of possession so naturally that's where this comes from
Component- haunted jewel from the ghost or ghost possessed.
Item-Bottled Ghost- Learn sweet abilities possibly multiclassing or something.
Component-Ghost in a Bottle. You have to have solved its unfinished business and befriended it, basically.
Weapon- Sword of Exorcism- So if you wanna use this, you gotta be a ghostbuster
Component-A magic sword which has only ever destroyed ghosts can be made so that's all it does.

Potion Of The Big Bully Bluff-As potion of Giant Control, but can only control giants smaller than the giant the potion was collected from.
Component-Whey from cheese curds squeezed by a giant.
Spell-Growth Of Animals
Component-Lasso woven from giant hair.
Item- Girdle of Giant Strength
Component-Ring of skin stripped from a live giant. Power fades if the giant dies. Thighs or upper arms are usually the right size.
Weapon- Giant's Pebble- When thrown or slung from a sling, this pebble grows to boulder-size and only shrinks once a single being lifts it above their head. Deals 3d6 damage.
Component- Pebble that slew a giant.

Goblin (see Bugbear in previous post)

Golem- Golems ARE magic items. But if you chop one to bits, you can salvage the parts. Typically the secrets of golem creation can be puzzled out yourself from the spellbook of the responsible wizard and the golem itself.
1- Golem Armor- Remove the head, walk around inside the golem like you've got powered armor, using the statblock of a golem though with a vulnerability to normal damage due to your exposed head. It still has chances of going berserk.
2- Golem Armor II- Dismantle the golem into more standard plates and enjoy armor that can be given instructions like 'walk south' that it will follow even if the wearer is dead.
3-Rock 'em Sock 'em Golem Fists- As magic weapons that can also serve as magic shields.
4-Golem Boots- Speed becomes very slow, but nothing can knock you prone or move you via grappling.

Gray Ooze
Potion-Grey Acid-(Formerly Alkahest) Long debunked from its position as universal solvent by alchemists, Grey Acid is a snot-like substance remaining from burnt grey oozes that retains its powerful corrosive properties, inflicting 2d8 damage and melting organic substances, and metal, though not stone. It is valued heavily by thieves, as no lock can withstand it.
Component-Boiled Grey Ooze
Component-Gray Ooze that ate itself, used as ink.
Item-Greyprint- A vast grey tapestry, a lobotomized ooze. It functions as a 3-d printer fueled by metal.
Component- An ooze flattened as thin as paper, then dried.
Weapon-Grey Bullet- Slag prssed into a sling-bullet that retains some ooze acid. Will destroy 1d6 points of AC per hit.
Component-metal equivalent to a suit of plate mail dissolved and re-collected.

Green Slime
Potion-Green Death-Green slime in glass vial painted black, it is a potent bioweapon banned by all who know of it.
Component-Green Slime, typically harvested in indirect sunlight to prevent it dying or from the collector from dying.
Spell-n/a, but green slime that ate wizards retains memorized spells within its squamous mass and they can be retrieved if the slime is burnt and the charcoal used as ink
Item- Sludge Vampire- This is a monster, not an item, but whatever. If you wanna make one for some godforsaken reason, this is how.
Component-Vampire devoured by green slime
Weapon- Green-Night Dagger-A knife of dead and calcified green slime, with some yet living inside the blade. Only active in pitch blackness, but hits as green slime.
Component-'dead' green slime, sharpened into a knife.

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