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Monsters into Magic Items, M-P

Potion-Of Poison Manticores are not venomous, though they wish they were. They are however, so hateful that, properly treated, their spittle actually can hate people to death due to spit and spite being similarly spelled.
Component-Manticore spittle from a manticore so enraged it foamed at the mouth
Spell-Bestow Curse
Component- An entire week of the ranting tirades of a manticore
Item- Manticore Spikes-The functionality of an iron spike hammered into something, but delivered as a crossbow bolt!
Component-  tailspikes that killed something in a single blow
Weapon- Manticore Tail-Flail- Can fling spikes as daggers, and is loaded with 6. Good for harassing wizards. On critfails you accidentally fling a spike at a random target with a +0 to hit.
Component-A manticore tail, naturally. It must be cut from a live manticore though, or the muscles don't seize up right.

Medusa-I like my medusa to be privy to forbidden knowledge. 'Gold' is a fiat currency! The upper 1% monsters have 90% of all lair treasure! There are only <player number> souls in existence!
Potion-Medusa Blood-Medusa don't quite destroy life in typical fashion, nor do they create it in the usual way either. When dripped upon the earth, it will spawn monsters- offspring of the medusa.
Component- Menstrual blood from a married medusa.
Spell-Cause Blindness
Component-  A mirror broken by a medusa.
Item-Medusa Head- Petrifies those who see it, tries to bite people with snake heads. Will talk, a lot.
Component- A medusa head with Animate/Raise/Speak Dead cast upon it or nearby. Medusa are sorta immortal and need but the flimsiest excuse to stay alive.
Weapon- Snake Net- Entangles and turns to stone on a failed save, so long as it remains draped.
Component- Net braided from the snake-hair of a medusa.

Mermaid- Though I'm personally fond of the Ningen which draw from japanese mermaids and add godlike seakings and deep-sea marauders, rather than the endless D&D repetition of 'girl monster = charm effect.' Really these should be called Sirens.
Potion-Stew of Eternal Youth- This is why sea-people are typically unfriendly-ranging murderous
Component-  mermaiden flesh(as opposed to mermatron flesh or mercrone flesh)
Spell- Waterbreathing
Component- Pearls from a merfolk's necklace
Item- Invader's Armor- As Leather +1, plus turns your legs into a fish tail when in water. There's a variant for merfolk allowing them to come on land, too.
Component- The scales of a merfolk, sewn onto leather armor.
Weapon- Pearl Trident- +1, +3 vs filthy land-dwellers. Can command aquatic creatures.
Component-It's easier to just loot one the sea people made, trust me. You ain't got the time or the skill to cultivate that many clams.

Potion Of Virility- Makes dong grow and fertility great. Old males concerned with producing heirs pay a lot for this stuff.
Component- Minotaur dick powdered or as jerky.
Component-The dreams of a minotaur 
Item-Minotaur's Shield- Slows your movement as nonmagical plate. +4AC and saves vs ranged attacks.
Component-A door from a minotaur's labyrinth that withstood a charging minotaur
Weapon- Minotaur Helm- As a +1 dagger you wield with your head. Penalties for 'dual wielding' still apply if you use it to get an extra attack.
Component- Minotaur horns

Potion-Embalming Fluid-Cures you of basically anything(except mummy rot), but also gives you mummy rot after 1d100 days of incubation.
Component- Rehydrated mummy juice.
Spell-Animate Dead
Component- Get a mummy to translate the foul runes on their sarcophagus, or learn their dead language yourself
Item-Mummy Bandages- Living creatures wearing them are treated as undead, and vice versa, for the purposes of magic. Doesn't actually change anything else beyond swapping arcane polarity.
Component- Really
Weapon- Accursed Mace-Wounds caused by it don't heal, and the wielder cannot heal damage until they've set aside the mace for a week.
Component-Pinch of mummy dust held inside the mace.

Nixie, Pixie, Whistling Dixie, any small fey critter, really
Potion-Of Diminution
Component- Shrinks you to 1/12th height.
Component- You need to get some of that high grade pixie dust, knowhatimsayin
Item- Daisy Chain of Honorary Elvishness- Racial modifiers as Elf while worn.
Component-  A flower chain woven willingly by the fey
Weapon- Giantbane- x3 damage against anything more than twice your height.
Component-A tiny weapon that slew a human

Ochre jelly- I always thought it was silly that torches and burning oil was supposed to damage 700 pounds of presumably chilly protoplasm. Whatever, maybe they're like 700 pounds of chilly lighter fluid. These aren't very interesting jellies- they split if you hit them with weapons or electricity and are supposed to kill them with fire, unless for some reason you have access to cold damage. But they don't do anything oozy, they just punch you.
Potion-Of Goo-Pour into liquid to turn it into a quivering but traversable mass of jelly.
Component- Dried ochre jelly
Spell-Lightning Bolt- Lightning forces them to split, leading me to believe Ochre Jellies have a high degree of latent electromagnetism
Component- A roll of copper wire tumbled in the depths of a Ochre jelly
Item-Ochre Phylacteries- Ochre-colored strips of cloth wrapped around your limbs and neck. Allows you to detatch and re-attach them and have them crawl around and stuff. Whenever you take 8+ damage in a single round, you have a limb fall off.
Component- 5 Phylacteries each dipped into a different part of an Ochre jelly divided into 5 parts from a single blow.
Weapon- Sanjiegun- A three-section staff of hollow iron cylinders that shift their weight due to the jelly within as they are spun. It ignores shield AC and gets +1d4-1d4 to hit and damage, randomly rolled each round it is used. You probably have to seek an Ancient Master to learn how to use this crazy thing, but once you do it gets +1d4 to hit and damage each round and ignores shields.
Component-An Ochre jelly split into 3 parts, then reformed, 3 times.

Giant Octopus
Potion of Arms- Grow an extra arm.
Component- Octopus brain
Spell- Tentacles- As Web, but with tentacles
Component-  Octopus ink used to pen the spell
Item-Sucker Gloves/Boots-Allows you to climb sheer surfaces with lots of squelching and popping noises. Climb as Thief of equivalent level, or allow Thieves to never fail climbing appropriate things.
Weapon- Living Tentacle- Grabs stuff, fights stuff, with 50/50 odds or either when you try to brandish it at something. Strikes as octopus, not as a weapon.
Component- Severed tentacle preserved with a healing spell.

Owlbear- Components work as giant bird bits and bear bits.

Ogre- These are, in my mind, sorta goblinoids and sorta giants, and sorta fey so see Bugbear and Giant and Nixie entries. But naturally they produce Gauntlets of Ogre Power as opposed to Girdles of Giant Strength.

Pegasus-really, these are treasure already, but ok
Potion-Of Sky Breathing- Allows breathing in thin mountain air, and other hypoxic environs.
Component- Steam from a pegasus nostril
Spell- Fly
Component-Pegasus feathers, each used as a quill to write a single word of the spell
Item-Horseshoes of Cloudwalking- Allows equines to tread across vapor.
Component-  Pegasus hooves
Weapon- Sky Lance-Suitable for charge attacks while mounted on flying steeds, or when flying yourself I suppose. x3 damage when charging with gravity.

Purple Worm
Potion Of Purple Hunger- Allows the imbiber to digest and take nourishment from anything, even rocks, for 1 day per HD of the worm. Save each day, or require twice as much to eat the next day.
Component- Purple worm stomach acid
Component- The tunnel of a purple worm that dug in a closed loop.
Item- Adamant-Worms pick up fragments of adamantium in their slow devouring of stone, and incorporate the stuff into their teeth. Adamant is the hardest substance in creation, scratching all other things and in turn being unbreakable, and joining only to itself. An average worm has enough to form a sewing-needle.
Component- Teeth, boiled in acid of stronger and stronger varieties till only adamant remains.
Weapon- Crysknife/Vorpal Sword-These behemoths of the deep earth are rarely seen by men, and still more rarely slain by them. Crysknives are +3 daggers that must save or lose their enchantment each turn if ever more than 5' from their wielder, and Vorpal Swords are +5 blades that whack off heads on critical hits and likewise cannot persist without their owner. Like the worm, they are immensely powerful things, but they remain nameless and unknown to the world and sooner or later return to the earth to be forgotten.
Component-Stinger of a purple worm, enchanted, sharpened, and attuned to a wielder. 20HD specimens can produce vorpal blades, 12Hd ones produce crysknives.

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