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Monsters into Magic Items, C-D

How to introduce these 'recipes' to the players?
1. A wizard tells them he'll pay them to retrieve the gizzard of a lizard so he can create a mask of the vizard. In a blizzard.
2. You shank a wizard and find random uses for monsters in the margins of their spellbook
3. The players preemptively collect the body parts of a dragon or other big bad and ask around for who's buying, and why
4.The players do magical research themselves on salvaged monster bits and learn all the uses for that monster
5. They hear it as a random rumor
6. The knowledge is 'revealed unto them in a dream' to explain their meta-knowledge because not all metagaming is bad ya know, sometimes it's better to just have the character know what the player knows because you're not running a mystery novel here, get going on an adventure already jeez

Potion Of Equine Fancy-No, not like that. Mundane equines fed this potion will transform into a
1-Winged Horse
2- Unicorn
3- Hippocampus
4- Talking Horse
5- Centaur
6- Thracian Horse (they eat flesh and do not fear battle)
Component- Centaur blood.
Spell-Equus Ex Nihilo AKA Mount, phantasmal steed, etc- Creates a trained horse from nothing until the duration is up or it dies, at which point it fades to nothing.
Component-Brush made of all the hairs of a centaurs tail.
Item-Civilizing Horseshoes- Affixing these to a creature with hooves charms it and turns it into an agreeable mount so long as they are not removed.
Component- A weapon wielded by a centaur and used to kill, reforged into a horseshoe
Weapon- Horseman's Man Bow-  No penalties for mounted archery apply to the wielder, those struck by the arrows must save or be dismounted.
Component- the bow must be used in a battle from the back of the centaur before it awakens.

Potion Of Chimeric Fusion- Feed it to yourself and everyone(and everything) you want to fuse with you into an freakish combination.
Components- 1 cup Blood drawn from each head of the beast
Spell- Half Polymorph Other- As polymorph other, but the target gets separate saves for their limbs, torso, and head.
Component- Chimera corpse, bisected vertically, with no other wounds.
Item- Protean Bezoar- Clutch in hand for Unlimited use of Polymorph Self. Save vs mutation each time, you change form, mutations persist across all forms, negative ones always overriding positive aspects of transformations if applicable- ie, if you mutate away your legs, you can't ever grow more.
Component-A bezoar from the goat-stomach, ideally made from the hair of the lion's mane.
Weapon- Grafter's Axe-Handaxe +3.On a 1 to hit, your wielding limb flies off, on a 20 you hack off a random bit of your target (typically a limb or head). These dismembered parts glow faintly for 1 minute and stay alive throughout, and can be pressed to living creatures to become part of them.
Component- An axe forged with the fiery breath of the lion head, tempered chemically with the venom of the snake head, and quenched in the lifeblood of the goat head.
>but the book says Chimera have a dragon head
No no, 2 heads up front, the goat and lion, and the lion tail is a serpent, that's how chimera be

Cockatrice as antichrist, and the main character is a rooster
read this book if you see it at the library
Potion- Reincarnation- A cockatrice egg, properly treated with relatively fresh blood of the deceased, can serve as a vessel for the soul to recreate a body, though the body will be distorted and monstrous.
Component- Cockatrice egg.
Spell- Death Spell
Component- The crow of a cockatrice. Cockatrice crow not at dawn, but to announce the End Times
Item-Chauntecleer's Spurs- Adds +1 to the natural attacks of a bird, or +3 vs creatures of chaos and evil.
Component- The claws of a cockatrice, fashioned into cockspurs(though they'd fit on other birds too)
Weapon- Cockatrice Corpse- Affixed at the end of a spear. Turn your enemies to stone on hits, at least until the body rots and it loses its power. Can easily turn against yourself and friends, like if  you fall down some stairs.
Component- Cockatrice. Doesn't technically need to be dead, but makes it easier.

Crab, Giant
Potion- Of Invulnerability. Unfortunately that's not as good as it sounds in BFRPG, is only +2AC.
Component- A molted crabshell
Spell- Shield
Component- A crabs heart, slain before it ever reached melee range with its killer. Perhaps magic is a wish the heart makes, and the crab would surely have wished for protection.
Item- Apparatus Of Kwalish- just google it ok. But don't use google, they sold out to gettyimages
Component- The exoskeleton of  a 100 year old crab.
Weapon- Pincer Swords- Paired, 1-edged swords. Their magical bonus acts as additional penalty reductions for dual wielding. They may be used to grapple people or shear items in twain if both attacks hit.
Component- The claw of a crab that wielded a blade, and said wielded blade. Crabs are grabby, it's more likely than you'd think

Potion- Oil of Displacement- items covered in this oil appear '3' from its true location, direction randomly determined once applied but stable until the oil dries up.
Component-Sweat from the beast
Spell- Mirror Image/Projected Image
Component- The reflection of a displacer
Item- Mirror of Falsehoods- displaces everything reflected in the mirror.

Component-The hide of a displacer,stretched across the frame of the mirror.The Bigger and more intact the hide, the larger the potential mirror.
Weapon- Mirage Blade-Creates an illusion of the weapon and wielding arm being positioned somewhere other than they actually are. It is nigh impossible to parry, dodge or block, and so only armor provides AC, AC from shields and dexterity being reduced by up to -4. It also can be drawn while appearing to remain sheathed.
Component- The blades of the displacer, used as the core for blades of frozen quicksilver.

Component- All magic items are created by tricking or negotiating with the being
Potion-Smokeless Fire- Friendly entities can grant small portions of their strength as tokens of respect or favor. This is as burning oil, but burns until extinguished with water or earth.
Spell- Summon Djinn (Level 5)-By learning the true name of the creature, one may summon it to perform a task. They dislike being ordered around and will seek loopholes in the wording of the summoner to slay or otherwise discourage further summonings.
Item-Bottled Djinn- If one tricks a Djinn or Ifrit to enter a container, then closes that container on them, the being will be bound. Generally speaking Djinn will perform 3 tasks for those who release them, while Ifrits will be in a murderous rage.
Weapon- Sword of Three Wishes- An incredibly powerful magic item, it can only be created via the cooperation of a Djinn, Ifrit, and Marid inscribing their names onto the sword. As the various types view each other with distaste at best and as mortal enemies at worse, trickery is almost certainly required.

Potion Of Disguise-Gives the imbiber the body of a particular individual. Lasts until damage is taken
Component-The blood of a doppelganger currently transformed into the intended person
Spell- Polymorph Self- Personally I always say you can only turn into monsters you've seen so this spell gives further incentive to see strange beasts and adventure, rather than being a 'flip through the monster manual for the optimal creature' sort of deal.
Component-The doppelgangers eyes
Item-Skinwalkers Suit-A ghastly bodysuit of skin, it allows shapeshifting into humanoid creatures so long as their blood can be dripped onto its surface. It cannot be worn with armor.
Component-The skin of a living doppelganger. If it dies, the magic fades.
Weapon-Reaving Replica- This mass of quicksilver transforms into a replica of any weapon it is pointed at, including magical abilities (this takes a round), until it rolls minimum damage on a hit and reverts to a harmless mass until copies something again.
Component- A golden weapon used to slay a doppelganger, then absorbed by quicksilver.

Dragon-All parts of a dragon are highly potent and valuable for creating all sorts of magic items or enhancing the power of other items-As an example, one could use the base HD of the dragon instead of a boar for determining the maximum bonus of a Two-Tusked Bident, using dragon bone for the shaft of the Bident, or soaking it in dragon blood.
Heart-Eating the heart of a dragon while fresh (roasting optional) will bestow knowledge of spells and languages known. If more than one person shares the meal, the granted wisdom is spread randomly, but not evenly, between all the feasters. Spells granted to non-spellcasters can be cast but once, or serve as an excuse to turn into a multiclass.
Scales-The scales of a dragon may be fashioned into a suit of magical armor(as plate) that provides resistance against the breath weapon of that dragon- +3 to saving throws against and half damage taken from that damage type. Baby dragon's hides are equivalent to magical leather and supple enough that they require no further workings to wear, and ancient dragons scales are so large that they are more suitable to be used as shields.
Teeth- Suitable as arrows, javelin heads, etc. They tend to have residual energy from the breath weapon that passed them so often stored within, and deal +1d6 extra elemental damage and strike as magic weapons. Their destructive power destroys them upon being fired though, hit or miss, and a dragon typically has 4xHD teeth.
Tail- The tail of a dragon, if hacked off while alive, is good base material for a weapon. Dry it out and hammer it down as though it were hot iron, and a weapon shall take form along the contours of meat, scales, and bone. This mummified piece of flesh, though malformed and misshappen, will be a magical weapon dealing damage equal to the tail slap damage of the beast (or 1 dice class bigger if wielded 2-handed) with a +1 enhancement per 4HD of the creature. Though extremely durable, these weapons are still organic flesh and bone, not metal.
Dew Claws- A general enhancement, dissolving powdered dragon dewclaw into a potion will add an additional dose to it. Dragons have one such claw per foot. The other claws are usable as magical daggers or swords, but due to their awkward shape (a curved thrusting weapon), for each point of enhancement they get -1 to hit instead of +1, and are typically reserved as decorative or ceremonial weapons.

Potion-Oil Of Salad Dressing- Grows plants into a whimsical outfit. Gives +1 to reaction rolls from nature spirits and fashionistas. Can also be used to create wooden armor, which is as light and protective as magic armor of similar weight but loses 1AC per hit suffered as it is not very durable.
Component-A fallen leaf from a dryad's tree
Spell- Speak to Plants, Growth of Plants, Charm Plants
Component-Dryads can teach these spells, or their trees may be made into scroll paper.
Item- Curse Burl-A heavy burl of cursed wood carved into a replica of someone's head. Malicious magic will be diverted towards the Burl instead of the one whose face it matches, and vice versa, provided both are in range. Once the burl can no longer sustain the weight of consumed curses, it will split and release all stored evils upon those nearby, typically being able to hold 2d6 spells before splitting.
Component-A burl from a dryads tree, which develop in response to impurity, evil, and curses in the environment.
Weapon- Heartless Bow- Arrows fired from this bow break Charm effects, and those struck must save or lose any love they have in their hearts. The wielder is immune to charm effects, but is similarly loveless and suffers halved charisma due to their heart overflowing with hate.
Component-Heartwood from a dryad's tree, harvested by someone spurned.

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