Thursday, July 5, 2018

Monster into Magic Items, H-L

Potion of Delusion- Curses one potion into a potion that merely deludes people into believing it functions, or any liquid- water that quenches the feeling of thirst but will not prevent dehydration, oil that will not burn, alcohol that only works via placebo effect, etc
Component-Harpy excrement
Spell- Charm Person
Component- A tender word whispered by a harpy
Item- Arrow of Amor- Those struck by this arrow must save or fall in love with the next being they could reproduce with(think hard about how centaurs came to be in your setting before using) that they notice, be it via sight, touch, sound, etc.
Component-  Tailfeathers from a broken-hearted harpy
Weapon- Stymphalian Dagger- A sharpened metallic feather that can be thrown like a dagger. These weapons ignore metal armor that matches the source- ie, feathers harvested from an iron-spike impaled harpy would ignore iron armor.
Component-  A harpy left impaled under a full moon will, live or dead, draw the metal into its feathers, the 10 largest being suitable for use as weapons.

Potion of Dog Breath- Allows wielder to breathe a gout of sulfurous flame, as a hellhound of equivalent level
Component-Hell Hound saliva, gargled by a blaspheming human
Spell-Dispel Evil- Hellhounds may be wicked, but they guard the entrance to the underworld(or the exit, depending on how you look at it) and their vocalizations terrify those who aren't where they're supposed to be, cosmologically speaking.
Component- The bark of a hellhound
Item- Collar of Disobedience- When attached to a dog, will grow the dog into a Hellhound of +1Hd size each week, while also checking morale with a -1 penalty per +1HD it has gained. Once morale fails, the beast will become feral and uncontrollable.
Component-  A collar of hellhound hide, with hellhound teeth forming inward-facing spikes
Weapon-Cerberus Flail- A mighty 3-headed flail, with no bonus to hit or damage, but striking with 3 separate attacks. Targets struck save vs Curse or be cursed for one week based on the number of heads that hit that round.
1+ Target can be tracked anywhere by the wielder of the flail
2+ Target cannot heal HP damage naturally
3+ If slain within a week, target's soul is locked in the darkest pits of hell and cannot be Raised save by storming hell or a Wish.
Component- The heads of 3 hellhound pack leaders

Potion-Hydra "Blood"- Can be drunk in the hopes of regenerating lost limbs, eyes, etc. Two saves must be made- if both are made, ones body regrows missing parts. If only one is made, ones body regrows TWO of each missing part. If neither are made, two extra parts are regrown per missing part, then the imbiber dies of poison.
Component-Cerebrospinal fluid from the original head, taken off last.
Spell- Magic Missile- The malice of each head of a hydra, carefully unleashed one by one as wizards grow in power.
Component- Hydra Brains, flattened out and used as a spellbook page.
Item-Hydra Armor-The scaly necks of hydras, refurbished as magical leather. Tends to look like you're wearing 5 baggy tubes unless you get a tailor to tighten it up. Once per day, it can heal its wielder of half the damage they have taken.
Component-  Minimum 5 hydra heads, each cleaved off in a single blow.
Weapon-Hydra Blood Arrows- Grow and multiply within the flesh of a target, shredding them from the inside out with cancerous teeth-growths. Save vs poison or die. Creatures immune to poison areonly immune if they'd also be immune to a bunch of teeth shredding their insides.
Component-  The teeth, dipped in the hydra's own blood.

Leech, Giant
Just pretend the slug is giant too

Potion Of Leeching- Actually a small leech applied to steal buff effects, then eaten to acquire them for oneself.
Component- Baby leeches that have yet to feed.
Spell- Leech Life- As Inflict Light Wounds, but it heals the caster an equivalent amount.
Component- A leech coiled around ones holy symbol. A forbidden miracle, smacking of leech-cults.
Item-Martyrous Leech- A specialized leech that feeds on blood only as a transmission vector for its true meals, which can be determined by the responsible wizard. Leeches that eat poison, or disease, or curses, or sin, or faith, or happiness, or whatever.
Component- A baby giant leech affected by various mutagens, curses, and so on to change its diet and stunt its growth.
Weapon- Bloodletter- A bladed mace, acceptable for use by clerics due to its nature. Those struck lose 1HP per round until their wounds are treated (tying some rags over them will do) and those reduced to 0 HP by the mace may make another save against any bloodborne ailments that afflict them.
Component- Leech teeth from a leech that fed upon other leeches

Lion, The King of Beasts!
Potion- Of Animal Control- Animals obey out of confused feudal sentiment
Component-A lions mane.
Spell-Speak to Animals
Component- A lion's tufted tail, used as inkbrush
Item-Immaculate Pelt- As magic leather. The pelt is nigh-indestructible.
Component-The hide of a male lion, not one hair of which may be harmed.
Weapon- Lioness Glaive- Allows those who strike the same target as the wielder in a round to strike as though they were wielding magical items of equivalent pluses as the Glaive
Component-Pelvic bones of a lioness killed by her own pride

Potion of Darkvision
Component-Moonlight reflected from a lycanthrope's eye
Spell- Protection From Lycanthropes, 10'
Component- Lycanthrope hair used as brush.
Item-Skinshifters Cloak- Allows you turn into a non-lycanthropic beast.
Component-  The skull of a lycanthrope that has never killed an innocent
Weapon- Beast Claw-Each consecutive hit increases the damage die by 1 size. Starts at 1d4 damage. Damage resets after 10 minutes. Those wounded may contract lycanthropy, as may the wielder if the damage die of the claw reaches d20.
Component- Claws of a lycanthrope, torn from the beast while it still lived, under the full moon

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