Friday, March 1, 2024

Backgrounds + Starting Gear for Autocrats of Night

All subject to change before campaign starts. Also if this pitch sounds interesting feel free to join the discord, though this game is probably only going to start summer 2024 at the soonest

The First Assault International Legion of the Sunlit Realms upon the Autocracy of Night has failed! The dark powers of the Night Autocrats wielding the Five Dragon Orbs were too mighty, and a thousand would-have-been-heroes now lay dead in the depths of the Thrice-Sundered Mont. If the Dragon Orb ritual to raise Arrkohn the Dark Dragon succeeds, the New Sun will be eclipsed and the long night will return!
You are not the generals and elites of the First Assault International Legion, but the camp followers, the troopers, the hanger-ons, the sole survivors of crushed platoons. Victory seems impossible in the shadow of the Thrice-Sundered Mont, but perhaps, if you can snatch but a single Dragon Orb, you may escape to the Sunlit Lands and have your heart's desire as reward, and delay the Autocrat's plans long enough for someone else to save the world. And frankly, escaping these horrid Moonlands without a controlled dragon to extract you seems mostly impossible anyway, so options are limited.

Starting Rumors- Roll 1d100 for knowledge of monsters that wiped out your squad and the layer this occurred, and 1d5 for which Autocrat (Minister Bak-Mei, Yzyk of the Iron Jug, the Nameless Siren, Nasariel the Reasonable, and Brassican the Cauliflowomancer) personally oversaw the rout, and what fell powers they revealed in doing so.

Every player may pick an additional mundane, non-weapon, non-armor item to begin with, bloodstained and worn. Rope, Rations, Lanterns, Spikes, lockpicks are all great choices.

Fighter- Fighters, when facing 1HD foes, may make 1 attack per level upon them.

  1. Annu Nki- A Witchgard, you are used to defending magic users in war, though you may have failed once. You have a spiked lead helmet that will stab you for 1 damage if you fall asleep wearing it, Leather Armor and a great Tower Shield (50% cover from ranged attacks if set up as a freestanding pavise) as well as one bottle of wine, two wooden chalices, a dagger, a warhammer, a dozen iron spikes, a 2-person tent, 4 wooden stakes, a set of tools, half a dozen torches in a sack, and a crossbow.
  2. Ashen Ina- The teachings of the Grave-Saint of Ina have been passed down to you, including the incentive to strike down demons. You will grasp any route to victory, and may become proficient with any weapon after one combat fought with or against it. Begin with as many standard-issue weapons as you can fill your inventory with and a coating of ash.Whenever you kill an enemy with 4+ HD in combat, if the weapon used was mundane, it becomes +1 so long as you are wielding it and name it in honor of its deed.
  3. Bai-Szue Empire- A Hoard-Guard sent to retrieve valuables. You speak Draconic and may be dragon-blooded, allowing a roll for a mutation each level. If it's something a dragon would have, you gain it, but no development is certain for hybrids.
    You begin with a polearm (Glaive-lance), two short swords, six torches, and either: heavy lacquered armor (as plate) or a dragon-horse (stats as warhorse but has the same draconic blood potential as you) and leather armor for you and leather barding +saddlebags for it.
  4. Bandar Log/Aakasa Parvat- You may be a Gorilla and/or an AD&D Monk if you crave convoluted character sheets. If that is tl;dr, you may simply be a human who knows Monkey Style, allowing unarmed damage to be two 1d4 attacks and unarmored AC to be 14 (before Dex), and causing enemies to Save vs Stunning when struck with both attacks in one round. Either way, you begin with but a single giant (5 slots) fang-gourd filled with rudimentary alcoholic mash.
  5. Beast Islander- A sailor or pirate. A cutlass, a dagger, 50' rope with a grapple, 1 week of hard tack, 1 bottle of rum, a dubious treasure map for this area, and you may also have either a small trained rat, parrot, or monkey and a secure cage to keep it safe in, or a flintlock pistol and 2 ammo pouches. Though opportunity for sailing is limited, there IS an ocean in the pit below.
  6. Cycladea- Birthplace of the Golden Sun pantheon. All your gear is bronze(-1 vs Steel equipment), and you start with fine sandals, a sling with bronze bullets, a gladius, a breastplate and spartan helm (as chainmail), and 5 javelins. You may also begin with a lantern alight with the Accursed Flame of Bebrica, or 10 flasks of Holy Water.
  7. Fassulia- An ex-colony of Saresare, Fassulia is a Queendom of Law and triumph over the ghoul plague. You have an abacus, bank notes worth 20c, an opium pipe with 3 doses,
    a box of matches, a dagger, a scimitar, a set of scales, a vial of holy water, and a mask that you can't take off alone that prevents you from eating, as well as 2 weeks of vegan rations.
    If you eat human flesh again, you immediately transform into a ghoul.
  8. Fir Bolg- Redheaded barbarians near Oroboro who ride giant insects, you are well-versed in bug-lore and can train giant bugs to serve as steeds or hounds if raised from eggs. You start with two handaxes and chitin armor, which is as weightless plate mail that loses 1 point of AC every time you are hit. Any slain giant insect can repair the armor to its own AC level if butchered during camp. Additionally start with a lamp with no oil, a pipe with no tobacco, 10 spikes but no hammer, and a honeycomb (1 ration).
  9. Geatland- Fairhaired barbarians from a near beast island. The first Geatland warrior in the party may have the last name Yigmarson and a  -2 Cursed Berserker Greatsword, subsequent ones may have a  +1 longsword with an unknown rune inscribed on it (it may awaken to an ego, special power, etc, later). Pick two hand axes OR 1 Harpoon + 50' rope, but you are not proficient with ranged weapons beyond thrown ones. You have a longboat canoe and an oar, as well as furs that count as winter clothing and leather armor, and seven small apple pies that are best shared soon.
  10. Geth- You may have the head of a Hyena and the skills of a Lawyer and Bounty Hunter. Begin with a scimitar, a flail, a rifle + bags of powder, an hourglass, 50' of silk rope, a spyglass, iron manacles, a mancatcher (as polearm but 1d4 damage and grapples at distance), and 1 week rations (dried apricots).
  11. Gondazong-  The Gondazong are blonde and brown skinned, and sometimes have unusually placed facial features. You have plate mail which hides most of this, and are competent with aerial jousting and familiar with hypertech in a theoretical sense.
    Start with plate mail, a lance, a fragile 30' lasso made of jellyfish tentacles (it will cause paralysis to those tied up after 1 turn, preventing escape), and two weeks of  tinned rations that will survive most misfortunes.
  12. Heleologos- You are among the last of the faithful of dead Riikhus, disciple of Sonny and refuter of the Solar Bull, and may begin play as the equivalent of a fallen Paladin.
    Begin with a Bastard sword, plate mail, a book you can't read due to illiteracy, an alcohol lamp, and 5 flasks of alcohol more suited for molotovs than drinking (that won't stop you).
  13. Neth- Addend Ibn/bint Dumandred to your name to indicate your lineage.
    You have a signet ring, a jewelled dagger, 2 other weapons of your choice,
    the armor of your choice, an armored warhorse, 2 weeks worth of
    rations, 50 feet of silk rope, a bedroll, a grappling hook, and a letter from
    the nightmare realm offering you a crown of your own should you agree to
    betray your royal kin. (if you do, become a Gothic Villain and gain a random crown)
  14. Noure- You may be a Tuskman, a sort of Boar-man whose ancestors transformed from humans to avoid falling to ghoulishness. You have fine clothing, but no armor, a rapier, a monocle, a cloak that can be used as a shield if wielded in a hand, and a stubborn rage that allows you to continue fighting at negative HP at the expense of dying immediately with no Death and Dismemberment Roll upon reaching -10 HP (you still roll prior, but will not fall unconscious or die and do not add negative HP to those rolls, counting only the strength of the hits).
  15. Limedike- You begin with a posh wig, a rapier, a hand-crossbow, a hand-axe, 50' rope, 1 week rations, ink and paper for mapping, and a mix of soap and citrus fruits filling the rest of your inventory (you may fall in battle, but refuse to die to scurvy or poor hygeine).
    You are skilled in defensive parrying, and you may enter a Stance wherein you increase your AC by your Attack bonus against ONE attack per round, losing your to-hit bonus. Enemies who roll a nat 1 attacking you in melee are disarmed in this stance.
  16. Onusian-You are a licensed mecha pilot, though you don't currently have one available. You begin with a laser sniper rifle that deals 4d6 each shot (1d6-1 shots remain) and needs to be reloaded after every shot, and power armor that grants you +3d8tempHP and immunity to most attacks from enemies with 2HD or less. Once the bonus HP is depleted, the armor functions only as plate until recharged. One final random piece of Onusian hypertech is all you have remaining from your Mirrorside outfitting for this mission.
  17. Oroboron- You are a Burnerman. You can eyeball the fuel required to cremate things and if rooms have ventilation suitable for safe use of fire. Start with leather armor with thick gloves and boots as well as a sort of welder's mask, a primitive flamethrower that can runs on oil and has a tank equivalent to 10 flasks of oil, a handaxe, a bow with arrows suitable for ignition, and an inventory full or torches and/or oil flasks. You are tasked with retrieving the Pearl of the Iron Crown of Oroboro as a secondary objective.
  18. The Fault- You may be a rat-person working with PASCC. Start with a primitive gas-mask that can conceal your snout (+4 to save vs gases, spores, etc).
    Twice in your life, you may instantly regenerate from a non-silver attack. The second time you do, you succumb to an ancient curse and become an NPC wererat.
    Begin with a club, a blowgun with plain darts, a ten foot pole, 3 daggers, chain mail, wooden stakes, 50' rope, and sprigs of wolfsbane, garlic, and holy water.
  19. Prince's Spit- You have 3 rapiers,  a signet ring, flouncy shirt that shows off your chest, a pleasing porcelain mask that hides your face, hair ties, a hand mirror, face powder, and a poisoned dagger(1d4+1 rounds onset, Death) you took from the man who tried to kill you yesterday. In battle, you may use your Charisma in place of Strength or Dex if you say something witty if it has a positive modifier. If it has a negative modifier, it instead becomes a bonus to-hit and to-damage against certain elves.
  20. Queen's Coast- You are wicked chivalrous and have a lance, a mace, a sword, a shield, heavy plate armor, a noble steed(warhorse with plate barding), and a eye-obscuring bowlcut that ensures you are always last in initiative (this is good because it gives your foes more time to surrender).
    You may ride almost anything, and any penalties from INT or WIS count as bonuses to saving throws against illusion and mental influence so long as you remain chivalrous.
    You desperately need a squire to help you with your gear and also make you snacks.
  21. Bog of the Canal- You are a Pig-Knight, a commoner who uses the tactics of knights without nobility. Start with pots & pans armor (As Plate -2), a goodly scythe you can transform to quarterstaff or polearm in a pinch, a riding boar, and 2 weeks rations of root vegetables.
  22. Revel- You  are of Heaven's Wingmen, the perimeter and sky-guard of the walking city of Revel, far beyond your usual jurisdiction. As a Beylar Proela, you are a sort of blue ostrich-human who understands other classes as other genders (Schola and Clepta being MU and Thief). You start with a longspear, 3 shorter backup spears, and the Shrike-And-Branch style- you may impale defeated foes nonlethally, pinning them in place, and make charge attacks without moving IF your target is unable to move due to being cornered or pinned down by your allies or terrain. You may polevault with spears, and Beylar benefit from Featherfall as a kind of short, clumsy flight.
  23. Savoth- You are a hunter of beasts. Start with leather armor, either a axe and your choice of two fierce war-dogs OR an exotic trick weapon with a bunch of rules that probably won't save you anyway. Additionally, you have 3 vials of healing(1d8+1) blood that adds corruption (don't let it exceed your level), a bear trap, 3 flasks oil and a lantern, a shovel, and 10 wooden spikes. For those untrained in Vint-Savoth Beast Hunting, Trick Weapons require  a level to be sacrificed to gain proficiency.
    • Trick Weapons- Can be transformed between modes by spending your move or your attack action
      on a 'transform' action.

    • Brick 'n Stick- Quarterstaff and separately socketed lead, stone, or silver 'brick' stored in holster
      that can quickly turn the staff into a long sledgehammer. 2d4 damage, 2handed.

      Hammer Mode- Prone foes have a limb broken on a successful hit.

      Quarterstaff Mode Legsweeper- On attack rolls of 20+, can knock all adjacent foes with less

       HD prone, or attempt to trip 1 foe of higher level (they get a save).
      Stake-driving Charge- You may Transform from Quarterstaff to Hammer Mode on Charges.
      Hammerhead Release- When transforming from Hammer Mode to Quarterstaff Mode, you may

      send the heavy head tumbling away as a thrown attack (1d6) instead of stowing it in your inventory.

    • Lance Rifle-A lance with a rifle hidden in the shaft allowing for rapid reloads. d8/d6 2/1handed. 
      The rifle blast deals 1d12, but is quite loud. (Kill lower HD enemies on hit?)

      Lancer Mode-Charge/Set- If charging on horseback or being charged by something, you deal
      double melee damage.
      Rifle Mode- Action- Aim for +4 to hit with a rifle shot next round. A Transform action reloads.

      Counterweighted Bayonet- When Loaded, upon hitting in melee you can Transform to switch to
      Rifle Mode and fire immediately at the same target. This may be done with Charges.

    • Axbalest- An axe with a repeater crossbow and tripwires built into it, used to set quick traps.
      d6 for throwable hand axe/hand xbow, d10 for heavy 2hander axe/xbow.

      Those tripping a set wire are automatically hit by the crossbow bolt of the set-down weapon. 
      A Transform action suffices for loading another bolt from the magazine.
      This can be done 1 handed, but a 'Full Reload' of a 6 shot magazine takes 1 Turn.

    • Sickle Moon- A serrated sickle with a silver stake attached by a long, thin chain.
      Works as grappling hook and retrievable throwable weapon. The sickle does 1d6, the stake 1d4.
      Moon-And-Star- As dual-wielding rules, with the addition that the weapons deal bonus damage
      for Dex modifier, not Strength, if you are wearing leather armor or lighter.

      Rising Moon- Throwing the sickle, you may grapple at up to 20'. As a Transform action, Lighter
      enemies may be yanked towards you, heavier enemies allow Charging them without a straight line
      while the 'Moon' is embedded by pulling yourself to them to aid a jump. Inventory counts weight!

      Shooting Star- With a Transform action, you can make an additional attack as thrown dagger
      with the stake, and retrieve the stake with another Transform action returning to Moon-And-Star.

    • Moon Beam- A silvered flamberge with a silver dagger/wooden stake screwed into the pommel.
      d10 2handed

      2Hands-Pommel Riposte- If an enemy misses you, you may impale them for 1d4 damage with the pommel, once per fight, as they mistake your sword position for an opening.
      Stake And Sword- Separated, you may dual-wield as a bastard sword(d8) & dagger(d4). Using the dagger or sword as mirror, you cannot be flanked and may avoid gaze attacks without penalty.

    • Rose Maille- A suit of spiked armor for those unwilling to rely on skill to protect them from beasts.
      AC as plate, spiked as hell, 1 auto-damage to those grappling you or striking unarmed.
      Grants spiked punches (d4) but grants -4 to other weapon use, dex checks, and other acts of finesse.
    • Lantern Flail- A flint-spiked, reinforced lantern on a chain at the end of a collapsible pole.
      Provides light and varying levels of arson. Wires and levers allow control of oil flow and flame.
      d8 and 10' reach 2handed, or 1d6 1handed. ignores shield-type defense due to flexible chain.
      Transform Haft- Changes length of weapon from 2h to 1h.
      Transform Head- releases 1 flask worth of oil, lighting a hit target on fire as per burning oil hit.
      Deals 1d6 splash damage to all within 5, hit or miss, and leaves a 5' puddle of flaming oil.
      Transform may also snuff or ignite the fire, allowing oil to be splashed without immediate ignition...
      and possibly causing a target to be temporarily blinded by flaring light or sudden dark for 1 round.
      Flint causes sparks when struck against metal or stone, igniting all loose oil within 5' of the strike.
      Reloading the lantern flail with fresh oil takes one whole round.
  24. Vint- A hunter of men, who are worse than beasts. You have a crowbar, rope, manacles, iron spikes and a small hammer, a flintlock pistol, a masterwork rapier (as longsword but scales with Dex), wanted posters for a local criminal, a smoking pipe with opium and tobacco both, a bloodletting kit, barber's tools, and either 3 Favor or one Wrath from Kel'Ava'K, Demon Lord of Murder, Madness, and Fear, based on if the wanted poster is for you, or for your quarry.
  25. Wyrdton/King's Point-You are mutantkin, and must gain 1 random mutation each level.
    Begin with partial plate (the gauntlets, boots, and helm do not fit you, AC 15 until modification), a melee weapon of choice, 2 weeks of human jerky(you are not human and may eat them freely), and either 1 starting mutation, or a pouch of ruby gunpowder (allows firearms to shoot lasers).
  26. Ynne- You are a warrior from another time, another land, who wandered through the forsaken  borders of Elfland to here. Your character may have some unusual fighter benefits such as doing combat tricks on rolls of 20 plus, automatically hitting or being hit, having weapon specialization, etc etc, based on your system of choice, and begins with your choice of melee and ranged weapons, any level of armor, and a week of quaint Ynn-foraged rations and a 1d6 d30 rolls on 'I search the body' and 'I search the flowerbeds' of little curios.
  27. Yuba- You are a Yuban, familiar with dark jungles and peril. Swords you disdain for cultural reasons, the bronze khopesh being favored. You begin with a guard dog that is your closest ally and friend, and you will reincarnate as a dog if you die, or a cynocephali if you were level 9+. You also begin with a straight razor, 3 gourds of soap, and some bones (dog treats). If anything injures your dog, you may enter a berserker state (as potion of heroism) 1/day and attack the guilty party immediately and relentlessly.
  28. Mantlehearth- You may be short (gain stealth benefits of halfling, d8 weapons are 2handed and normally 2h & d10+ weapons are unwieldable) but you are also dragonblooded (+4 to all saves, roll mutation each level, discard if not suitably fire-draconic-themed).
    You begin with 50' rope, a shovel, a sling and plenty of stones, 3 flasks of strong alcohol, 3 flasks burning oil, and a lantern that can take either.
  29. Ebeth- You may be a beetle-knight, a strange sort of bug paladin. A no-dachi greatsword, or 4 shortswords is all you begin with, and your personal goal is to best a Jishen Mushishi. If this is too strange, you may instead be a human bone-smith who worked the bones of the dead god Ebetheron. They may craft most items out of bones provided they have enough time and resources. Every 4 levels, Bonesmiths may complete a single masterpiece bone weapon from their fallen foes, the first being +1 and increasing by +1 each time provided the foe has at least as many HD as the Bonesmith has levels. Such weapons have the usual odds of developing unusual powers or egos as AD&D swords, and the Bonesmith begins with bone armor (as chainmail), a bone club, and teeth necklace.
  30. Elf- You are a thousand years old and level 20, though you pretend otherwise for inscrutable fey reasons. If you ever use capabilities (HP, to-hit, saves, etc) greater than what the highest non-elf in the party has reached, you have to leave forever at the end of the session, possibly revealed as a whole NPC villain merely collecting info on your compatriots.
    Begin with a bow, a quiver of arrows, a longsword, a dagger, a week of rations, a cloak suitable for hiding in green forests, and artistic supplies.

Thief- Thieves have fast hands and may use inventory items immediately without having to spend a turn shuffling held items and rummaging through pouches.

  1. Annu Nki-The thief-acrobats of the dry city are known for tightrope walking, wallrunning, and polevaulting, and you begin with 100' feet of silk slackline, 3 10' poles, and 5 empty sacks. You may attempt thiefly climbing at speeds considered unsafe by most, provided appropriate parkour and tool use opportunity.
  2. Ashen Ina- Ash was all the people of Ina inherited, yet the Gods of the Road had mercy upon them, and gave them certain gifts . You are Ashen, and may count as undead when favorable to you, and may see (and backstab) adjacent ghosts, spirits, and invisible things thanks to the ash surrounding you.You start with a club, a gourd of fox wine, and 1d6 drugs in the form of incense.
  3. Bai-Szue Empire- A corrupt clerk of the empire, skilled in embezzlement, you may bamboozle allied NPCs into working for only a half-normal share of treasure found and believe it to be an even split via the dark powers of mathematics.
    You also may be dragon-blooded, and may roll on mutation charts each level and keep anything suitable lightning/draconic.
    You begin with unfairly weighted scales, ink paper and quill, a trick abacus that can hide beads in the sides, and a dozen candles.
  4. Bandar Log/Aakasa Parvat- You may be a small, intelligent monkey, gaining the benefits and penalties of a halfling (concealment in vegetation 9-in-10, concealment in dungeons 7-in-10, no wielding 2hander weapons, even 1h d8 weapons need 2hands to wield for you, +3 to all saves) as well as superior climbing speed equal to your base speed.
    Unfortunately, you start with only a strange 'coconut' you cannot open. (Dragon Egg)
  5. Beast Islander- A poacher of rare beasts, you begin with 2 weeks of mixed rations, 50% likely to appeal to any creature, 3 throwing nets, 50' of rope and twine, iron fetters, adjustable leather muzzles, and an inventory full of small, lockable cages. You earn bonus XP for capturing animals and selling them, but if at some point you have a change of heart, you may lose a level, reroll your Charisma (taking higher results only), and gain an animal companion the next time a beast scores a 9+ in reaction.
  6. Cycladea- You begin with a makeup/disguise kit of mineral pigments, panpipes or a lyre, a toga and a dress, lockpicks, a dagger, several bronze shields with lipstick marks on them, and angry letters from couples. You cannot actually steal hearts with a pickpocketing rolls as claimed, but you CAN end up as a Bard if that is pursued.
  7. Fassulia- An unlucky highwayman, you begin with a pistol, a bag of shot, a dagger, a deaf donkey, a week of rations, and an empty wineskin, and a curse in the form of one wish from an Ifrit remaining.
  8. Fir Bolg- A Bug Thief, you have 5 glass jars, a bug net, a sewing kit, an insect pin case, a Goldbug (looks like a blank gold coin, has a venomous bite), and 1d6 random bugs from here and a week of rations in the form of mixed grains and living grubs inb a sack.
  9. Geatland- An outlaw at home in the wilderness, you begin with a shortbow and two quivers of arrows, a handax, a bundle of ready firewood, 3 rabbits, furs that double as winter clothing and leather armor, a compass, 5 wolf hides, a tent, and flint and tinder.
  10. Geth- You begin with 12 candles, a shield, a longbow and quiver of arrows, and your good hand missing (-3/15% to offhand tasks, reduced by 1 each level as you train with it). On the plus side, you have a Hand of Glory, your own mummified hand that will hide the light you carry from those outside its radius. Only you may wield this item.
  11. Gondazong You may have either a grass skirt and hood as well as a blowgun with 3 paralyzing blowdarts, or a skin-tight bodysuit of polymer and a stunray gun with 1d4-1 shots left. Either way, you are familiar with both jungle and desert survival (get ranger survival skills) and the operation of Union-grade hypertech, and begin with a week of small game rations, a sling, and dagger.
  12. Heleologos-  You begin with lockpicks, a lead-lined hood+cloak that takes 3 slots and can count as leather armor if you're unarmored, or a shield if you are, 3 daggers, rope, a crowbar, and a random encoded spell scroll you stole from the Academy that you have no idea what it does.
  13. Neth- You have 1d6 doses of antitoxin, 1d6 doses of drugs or poisons (your choice of type),
    the close combat weapon of your choice, a short bow, a quiver with a dozen arrows in it, a shoulderbag, half a dozen druggable incense candles, a week of nasty-tasting rations, and eyes that are different colours, each lovely against your swarthy skin, which you consider a liability in your line of work.
  14. Noure- A member of the De Vend crime family, You have a mule and a cart, a sword with a winged woman for the hilt, a shield, a pipe, a box of matches, a bag of tobacco, and more
    regrets than you can count. You might also have a dead man in your cart, up to you. You may roll on the Gothic Villain level up charts for drama alone... alternately, you may be a piglet Tuskfolk, which is basically a halfling (+3 to saves, 9-in-10 vegetation hide, 7-in-10 dungeon hide, small weapons only) and replace your mule with a big pig. In this case, there's definitely a dead man in the cart and all your stuff was his.
  15. Limedike- You have a brace of pistols but only one pouch of shot, a riding horse and gear, light barding, a signet ring, a sword, a week of rations, and a missing ringfinger.
  16. Onusian- Your hacker skills are tragically all digital, but you do have Union hypertech that may help even in relatively primitive dungeons. (All thief skills have half-success unless computers are involved somehow, but once you've succeeded every type and levelled up, this penalty vanishes). Every item has a 1/10 chance of running out of battery per Turn of use.
    • Camocloth- a blanket that changes color to appear as whatever is behind it over the course of 10 seconds
    • Dataplating- cranial implants allowing subvocal communication (with other people with this) a HUD display, and speech-to-text language translation.
    • Prosocollar- a collar that project holographic images around the face, and can remix the voice. The illusions do not stand up to close scrutiny, but at a distance are fairly convincing.
    • Subjectivity Enhancement Suite- A cranial jack allowing direct neural-digital interfacing.
    • Mag-Clamps- Electromagnetic boots and gloves that can stick to metal surfaces when active.
    • Personal Drone- useful for scouting and surveillance, feeding camera data back to the control unit.
    • Wilderness Survival Kit- This kit contains many essentials for surviving in hostile
      environments: a rebreather, water filters, hardsuit patches, backup thermals, a bivouac kit, and a survival knife.
  17. Oroboron- The Most High House Of Ratcatchers of Oroboro is held in high esteem, so none would question your equipment for ratcatching including- 3 daggers, 6 torches, 50' rope, iron spikes,  lockpicks, crowbar, hammer, chisel, file, grease tin, hand crossbow + quiver, a change of clothes into a servants uniform, and a 'makeup kit' to freshen up after a hard days work rat catching.
  18. The Fault- You are a Shitling, unfortunately. A degraded form of undead resulting when one is eaten, digested, and excreted on the deathless Fault. You are undead, with the accompanying changes in what does and does not affect you, but you smell terrible and may host diseases, as will all gear in your possession.
    You regenerate 1HP per round, provided the damage formed is not capable of destroying a pile of animate dragon-poo. Hopefully you can grow out of this miserable form, but in the meantime you have 3d6*10c worth of stinky coins and no one willing to sell to you.
  19. Prince's Spit- You are a Goblin of Jack o' Ton, a refurbished swamp palace. Provided your stats are all 11 or lower, you get all the benefits of being smol (+3 to saves, 9-in-10 vegetation hide, 7-in-10 dungeon hide, small weapons only) including darkvision 30'! Any higher stats mean you have become a bit too elvish and cannot bear the touch of iron without taking 1HP damage per item per (relevant time increment- in combat its 1HP per round for arms and armor, in exploration it's 1HP per turn when carrying things, in travel its 1HP per item per day).
    In any case, you start with a copy of someone else's inventory (your choice), but everything is made from non-metallic scraps if possible & is prone to fall apart.
  20. Queen's Coast- The Guild of Acquisitions is not so much a 'thieves guild' as a 'lost and found' charity, and if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.
    Begin with 50' rope, a glasscutter, lockpicks, a pickaxe, a shovel, a crowbar, 12 candles and a tortoise used to having candles on its back, as well as a weeks worth of lettuce (for the tortoise).
  21. Wyrdton/King's Point- You are a mutant, who must roll a mutation each level.
    Begin with a club, a leather jerkin (light armour), half a dozen torches in
    a sack, a small bouquet of flowers, one starting mutation, and a mutant dog who mutates when you do. You're not so much a professional thief as... open to solutions to the problem of being a poor nobody who can't even feed their dog.
  22. Bog of the Canal-You may be a frogman ninja, dispatched by the Order of the Lantern to dispatch the Dark Lord (so the Autocrats are called by the Order). You may swim at walking speed, leap half your speed horizontally and 1/4th speed vertically. Leap attacking foes who do not expect it counts as a backstab opportunity AND a charge attack.
    You only heal with rest if you can also moisturize in a bath or equivalent moisture.
    You start with moisture retaining bandages, a cloak, a hooded lantern, 9 throwing knives, and a sack of caltrops, and 3 wineskins of fresh water (You cannot recover HP without a bath of water)
  23. Revel-You may pick Queen's Coast, Geth, or Neth as human backgrounds. Otherwise, you are a Clepta Beylar, a kind of blue bee-ostirich-person who sees Fighter and MU as alternate genders.
    You have Feather Fall as a kind of clumsy flight, making you immensely confident when it comes to climbing dangerous routes. You begin with 100' feet of Kumokumo spidersilk, 10 iron spikes, and a light wooden hammer.
  24. Savoth- Your hamlet stormed a vampire's castle once. Then the vampire stormed back, and you were the only survivor, and got swept up in all this for either vengeance or escape from said vampire.
    Start with a torch, a pitchfork, garlic, and a thin riding horse, as well as a great treasure from the vampire's castle that is definitely cursed.
  25. Vint- An ex-ratcatcher of the great city of Vint, you've seen rats what ain't never been seen before, down there in the catacomb-sewers. Eventually your contract concluded, but you were left with a sense of work left undone, 10 mouse traps, a bear trap, a set of lockpicks, a silver dagger, a sling and 10 silver bullets, a wheel of cheese, and sweet poison that could kill a man as easily as a bunch of rats.
  26. Ynn-You are either an extradimensional traveller (find another GM to give you a background) or a Ynn Changeling, a sort of quasi-elf who lived in the boring peace of UnThorned Ynn before seeking the waking world.You will roll for Ynn alterations each level, may hide in plants with a 5-in-6 success, and forage for food for yourself without much effort in verdant lands.
  27. Yuba- The ziggurat-priests view tomb-raiders as fair game for sacrifices, so most thieves in Yuba are foolish foreigners. Local thieves are either good, or dead, and so far you're damn good.
    Start with a lockpicking kit, a whip that you're good enough with that you can use it as a grapple, a kukri knife, a hat, and a +4 save and AC against traps that allow one/roll to hit. Unlike most Yubans, dogs won't like you until you shake off that pesky 1 Wrath from the Jackal God.
  28. Mantlehearth- The Mantlehearth Mob has some pretty simple rules. They get to have a say in imports and exports, especially when it comes to the volcanic rubies. They get a little cut of everything, so you don't get a little cut on your everything, you see?
    You are a little person (+3 to saves, 9-in-10 vegetation hide, 7-in-10 dungeon hide, small weapons only) who might have a lil dragon blood (each level roll on mutation chart, only keep draconic-flavor), and you also have slick fireproof dragonspawn red leather boots, gloves, pants, and jackets that counts as Leather Armor, and an obsidian dagger +1, grease, tripwires, caltrops, and a Ruby of random value that earns you +10% XP so long as you never lose it. It's a lucky charm.
  29. Ebeth- Mantlehearth has a mob, and so does Ebeth. Difference is, you're a Grasshopper Goon, so people tend to see a giant bug in a suit and know what the deal is ASAP, capiche?
    Start with a +1 Godbone kneecapping stick, a case that contains either a fiddle that can shoot a poison dart, or a clockwork machine gun (See EE rules for automatic weaponry), chewing tobacco, and a fancy suit. You can jump real good, moving your regular movement in any direction, but you gotta rest for 10 min after, or each subsequent jump is a save vs 1d6 damage.
  30. Elf- You are also a magic user, but you're here to challenge yourself and will only begrudgingly read scrolls and engage in magical tomfoolery. No change to XP required for being a MU/Thief, but no XP is gained in sessions if you do any magic. Begin with some twigs that you can sing into lockpick shapes, a vine rope 50', and a thorny rose (stats as dagger, must be watered 1/day). Iron burns you if your CHA is 13+


Cleric-Begin with generic spell list and one god of either choice or chance. Each additional god venerated sufficiently for consistent spell access typically requires 10% of income tithed away for offering, or at least one remarkable deed in their name per level-up.

The Gods offer boons to those who follow their restrictions and praise their names, some jealously, others not. Doing something a god appreciates in a remarkable way typically earns a point of Favor, and a point of Favor is worth 1 spell level for spontaneous/prayed for intervention, even for non-clerics. One may go into favor debt to pray for additional miracles, but failure to make up for this will result in the negative favor souring into Wrath (See altered Whims of the Divine)

Most clerics call either upon the laws of their people and the will of the ancestor spirits watching over them to attain minor boons. The following rituals are available to all clerics, though the exact flavor depends on context. Most spells may have different manifestations when different gods are called upon, so they do not retain this flavor if a cleric has the knowledge and will to speak to a divine being instead of the collective will of the waking world and dreaming dead.
All Clerics may Turn Undead either due to communing with ancestral spirits and putting them at ease, or via the Lullaby of Death learned from the Vulch and adapted across the world, for those dead who are inconsolable/irredeemable.

Though not 'Generic' the following gods supply power to basically any cleric who wishes it.
Isfrix, Demon Lord of Hate, supplies anyone with Hatred in their heart with the harmful reversals of spells (bolded spells) but is never worshipped independently.
Neuph, the assassin of the gods and deity of silence, also provides any cleric serving the gods with the ability to Silence foes while asking little in return, for reasons of ancient secrets unknown to any but the Gods. 
Chaerona Moonstone Mystra, an outer goddess, may be called upon by almost any cleric of sufficient knowledge and standing to block the spellcasting capabilities of a target who has used magic to violate the Three Pillars, or other general abuses of wizardry.

  1. Protection from Anathema(Candle, Incense, Fulu, Salt Rings, Holy Water Anointment), Cure Light Wounds, Bless/Bane, Cause Light Wounds, Detect Ill Will
  2. Chant, Spirit Hammer, Silence 15' radius (The Interdiction of Neuph).
  3. Bestow Curse/Remove Curse, Prayer, Consecrate/Desecrate, Smiting
  4. Cure Serious Wounds, Circle of Protection from Anathema, Cause Serious Wounds,
  5. Commune, Atonement, Dispel Anathema, Ascend/Damn (to afterlife)
  6. Heal, Conjure Servitor/Ancestor, Curse of Chaerona, Harm
  7. Holy Word, Holy Symbol

  1. Ashen Ina- Forsaken by the Lord of Calamities and Our Lady of Gardens alike when demons overran it, this ashen valley focuses on their Grave Saint who returned from death to save them from the demons, as well as the other Gods of the Road.
    He appreciates striking without hesitation, destroying demons, and training worthy successors (both of the blade and with regards to wise governance). He cannot be worshipped alongside demonic gods such as Kel'A'Vak, Melial, Arrkohn, or Murulu.

    Begin with as many weapons as you wish, or one pistol and bag of shot. Heavy lacquered wooden armor is as chainmail (AC15). 50' silk rope and 6 torches, as well as a bag of ashes.

    1.Remove Fear 2.Augury 3.Speak with Dead, Haste 4.Divination 5. Slay Living 6.Blade Barrier, Find the Path 7. Moon Cutter (Destruction)
  2. Bai-Szue Empire-Obviously, Bai-Szue the Divine Dragon of Storm is most displeased with the theft of the Dragon Orbs. There is a strict hierarchy priests must climb, and offering wealth is absolutely necessary(10% Tithing), but setting out to recover the Orbs will surely be a fast track to promotion.
    You have the usual dragon-blood possible mutations per level, a hand fan, thick layers of silk robes (AC as leather), a blue dragon mask, 50' of copper wire, ink and paper, and a stamp to mark things as approved or denied.
    Apart from vast sacrifice of treasure or great deeds of service done for her bloodline of Blue Dragons, there is only one way for Bai-Szue adherents to gain additional favor outside of slowly levelling up and climbing the bureaucracy- temporary empowerment from higher-ranking priests, who may grant writs of approval of any spell they may cast to others, requiring only their own spell slot remain empty, not full scroll creation.
    Bai-Szue, as a dragon, considers herself rivals in hoarding with Yg, Yg-A, Arrkohn, and Ebetheron, and they cannot be concurrently worshipped with her.
    1.Shocking Grasp 2. Electrify Metal 3.Call Lightning 4.Kobold Kreation, Protection from Lightning 5.Bai-Szue's Wrath (6d8 lighting strike)) 6.Conjure Drakes 7. Dragon Flight (Wind walk with taxi dragon,) Call Dragon Spirit
  3. Bandar Log- The Apes of the mountain, who contend with the Conquerer Worms, surprisingly became the faithful of the Worm Prince, who supports the Transcedentalist worms who seek to end the violence. You are a wise priest-class of monke, prone to meditation and projection into the Dream Realm, but unfortunately low on equipment.You may climb at max movespeed, though safety is not assured in perilous conditions or challenging routes.
    The Worm Prince requires followers treat life with respect, seek out novel experiences, keep a small garden, and further understanding of the self and the world. Tithes are not necessary as most churches are in the dream realm, attended by the dreaming.
    1.Resist Cold 2.Resist Fire 3.Feign Death 4.Polymorph Into Worm 5, Dream/Borehole, Worm Plague  
    6. Conjure Worm 7.Dream Projection, Creeping Doom, Gate of Horn and Ivory
  4. Beast Islander-Though once a terrifying two-aspected, one-eyed goddess of vengeance and blood feuds, Hefon set aside this aspect in the 6th age due to an alliance with Zephyr the Vengeance of Beasts and Kel'A'Vak, God of Murder, and now the focus on being a protective goddess of found family has made the Beast Islands a haven of friendly coexistence between humans and various creatures known as Beasts. Hefon appreciates the returning of wrongs with equal retribution, offerings of hunted animals and wondrous bows, arrows, and other archery accoutrements, as well as protecting ones 'family' found or otherwise, as well as seeking justice/vengeance for those unable to get it themselves.
    Begin with a shortbow and a quiver of arrows, several leashes, 6 huge animal treats (also good as rations) and a 1HD animal or familiar.
    1.Animal Friendship, Find Familiar 2.Charm Animal 3.Sacrifice(EE) 4. Fusion 5.Dynamax Growth of Animals 6. Beast Bottle (Conjure Animal with prior catch requirement) 7. Master Beast Bottle (Gate, with prior catch requirement of extraplanar being)
  5. Cycladea-Birthplace of Aurum Merrymace the 6th Sun, the converted islanders venerate her and her advisors Grift Kispiritis, Saint Bridget, Enyalios Marnamai, and the God of Blood and Gold in exemplary fashion as they are the Golden Sun Pantheon.
    Begin with a spear, a shield, a morningstar, a breastplate (as Chain ac15) as well as a blessed golden lantern which burns on a single gold coin for 10 days, and 1 gold coin (100c) to begin the fueling process. The Autocrats of Night spit in the face of the New Sun, and you know this crusade is just and righteous, for the sake of all who live in Day. The Golden Sun pantheon appreciates protecting light and love, forging new mutual alliances and relationships without coercion (but is not opposed to tricking ones foes), and of course heavy tithing and treasure offerings to pay for new temples (10% tithe). The Pantheon tries to work with every God they can and is very broadly polytheistic, though some reject the golden bonds.
    1.Command, Light 2.Flirt With Person, Find Traps, Fool's Gold 3.Water Breathing, 4.Confusion 5.Raise Dead 6.Part Water 7.Restoration
  6. Fassulia- When speaking with a foreign pilgrim, you decided to prank the foreigner and claimed a honey bun was your god, and performed idolatry for it. You then ate the bun, and informed the traveller that you will simply bake a new god when necessary. T'liki, the traveller in question, found this hilarious/heretical and has blessed/cursed you with Fun Powers, along with anyone else sucked into the Divine Honey Bun Debacle. Begin with 2 weeks honeybun rations, a rolling pin (as club) and silk clothing that, when unwrapped, is akin to 50' of silk rope.
    T'liki will add a Wand of Wonder effect to 'generic' spells whether you like it or not, and can be invoked to draw from The Deck once per level (use it or lose it).
    T'liki has no particular restrictions, only wishing to be entertained by those who gamble wealth, life, and moree, risking it all for the big score.

  7. Geatland- Geatlanders call local gods by different titles, and still worship some dead ones.
    Geatish clerics are warriors firstly and sworn to defeat giants, refute cowardice, defend their hearths, offer hospitality and repay insult and injury, seek truth, bring light to darkness, and oppose chaos.
    So long as they act accordingly, they may call upon the following gods miracles as if they were all in a single pantheon, without needing to worry about the details or offer too many 10% tithes.
    Friga= Hefon
    Woden= Yg
    Thors-Perun=Enyalios Marnamai
    Baldr = Riikhus
    Nomos Kyrious= Aurum
    Gymir=Kispiritis (NOT Grift, tho Grift answers regardless)

    Begin with your choice of axe, longsword, or spear, as well as furs (winter clothes+leather), a small keg of mead, a roundshield, and 9 copper oath rings to distribute as you like.

  8. Geth- The Vulch, mortal psychopomps, have a song that lulls the living dead to sleep so that they may return to the cycle of life and death, and all clerics have adapted it into their chats. The true song, one that invokes Death, Prime Psychopomp, comes with strict requirements to remain favored in the eyes of the reaper, which you have studied and followed religiously.
    You turn undead as a cleric of double level, provided you stick to the following strict restrictions-
    -You may not engage in violence. You may flee, but you must bear witness to the death of your allies or even yourself without complicating Death's job.
    -You may not own/use anything that has not been thrown away/abandoned.
    As an eccentric Geth ascetic, you start with no items save for a ragged robe and sunburn. You have access to the typical 'generic' miracles, though your use may be restricted in combat.
  9. Gondazong- Melial is an ancient demon god of honeyed mummification, a rebellious servant of M'shesh. Bees and heretical undeath cults follow Melial in the jungles of the North Fault, and are in opposition to Cy'Qy Wa-Ss and the god of Beastly Vengeance due to the fight for the souls of all bees. None of the mentioned gods may be concurrently worshipped. As a Keeper of Bees, you wield Melials forsaken arts, and have been dispatched to reclaim the stolen knowledge Minister Bak-Mei took from your cult. Melial is an obscure, occult deity, and with few behavioral restrictions, consider multiclassing with Wizard.
    You begin with a strange outfit (counts as leather) that makes you immune to damage from swarm-type enemies, 5 extra-smoky torches that last twice as long but burn half as bright, a curved dagger, and  a weeks worth of honeycomb as rations. All spells require honey as a material component.
    1.Purify Food & Drink 2.Slow Poison 3.Animate Dead 4.Neutralize Poison 5.Insect Plague 6.Mummify 7.Creeping Doom
  10. Heleologos- The fragmented powers of the dead suns Riikhus and his reflection Helios were consolidated into a failed sun, the Solar Bull, in the 5th instersolar period. Riikhus's 'Grandaughter' Aurum Merrymace seems a worthier successor and is the current Sun.
    Even so, old traditions endure, and some unburnt saints and lingering cherubs remain of the Church of the Stone Sun, of Riikhus the Tyrant Sun and Mokkhus the Counter of Bones.
    You begin with a sword, a shield, a bearded face-mask helmet and breastplate (as chain),12 candles, and a grim determination to ensure this sun, though not your own, will rise again.
    Every time you use one of these spells, there is a 1/10 chance it burns out and dies, but there are no bahavioral restrictions on the use of powers save your own judgement, for those suns are dead.
    1.Light(half strength), Chains of Mokkhus (removes 'can only be hit by magic weapons') 2. Riikhus's Dirge (dispel sleep, equip everyone with their gear) 3.Speak With Dead 4.Exorcise 5.Quest 6.Animate Object 7.Chariot of Sustarre
  11. Noure-The Serene Coatl that watches over the De Vend family is a venerated servitor of Yg with a closer tie to humanity than most other serpents. The ancient goddess of wisdom and snakes does not begrudge the details so long as snakes prosper and secrets are uncovered, though.
    Begin with a lightning rod, a silver broadsword, a pipe and tobacco, leather armor, and a weeks worth of eggs as rations. Rare monster eggs offered to the Coatl grant favors from her directly, though YG is pleased more with the uncovering of secrets and the protection of snakes, and the crushing of the forces of Lumar and Zaba, who may not be concurrently worshipped even via Lumarian deceit.
    1.Detect Magic 2.Snake Charm, Slow Poison 3.Locate Object 4.Poison/Neutralize Poison, Sticks to Snakes, Divination, 5.True Seeing 6. Reincarnate(Snek) 7. Call Coatl
  12. Limedike- As a hometown stan of Saint Bridget, you begin with a tricorn hat, a sword, a week
    of rations, and a silver locket with a miniature painting of a dead girl.
    inside it. Until you get over your dead ex-love, you get +4 to all saves due to the drama keeping you alive. Save does not apply vs lesbians. Bridget may grant extra favor for those who help ships and 'ships,' and though not a priority, also appreciates defeating terrible sea monsters.Though a rival of Grift Kispiritis, they are on the same pantheon and as such any pranking must be basically non-malicious to earn favor.
    1.Command, Light 2.Flirt With Person, Find Traps, Fool's Gold 3.Water Breathing, 4.Confusion 5.Raise Dead 6.Part Water 7.Restoration
  13. Onusian- Though Lumar is publically decried after the attempted destruction of the Onus/That Which Was Taken, Mirrorside remains one of the only places in the world with public cults of Lumar. You are familiar with Union hypertech and licensed for a mech, and have a secret cover story as a different cleric. Pick or roll another cult to masquerade as, you may invoke their rituals as well as Lumar's while following only Lumar's dictums of secrecy, deception, and disinfo for favor.
    1.Erase Data 2. Forget 3.Undetectable Lie 4.Hallucinatory Terrain 5.Snake to Stick 6.Projected Image, Aerial Servant 7. Reflection Projection (Astral spell)
  14. Oroboro- The Crown Consileus, a cult of Law, is considered supreme over the assorted heretical gods, for Oroboro follows the wearer of the Crown, not every two-bit cult having gang wars in the streets. So long as you do not pay homage to other gods(including Neuph and Isfrix) you may combine your spell levels in Choirs with other clerics (though only to cast non-god-affiliated spells).
    Your mission is to retrieve the stolen Pearl of Purity, and so you are equipped with a jewelers kit to ID it (and cut gems along the way for profit), a tiny basin (1 vial of holy water may be produced per day, but not stockpiled), leather armor + shield, a bar mace with a section of cold iron, silver, and blessed steel to smite a variety of unlawful fiends, 3 doses of blinding sap, 3 vials of glue that will serve as a healing potion vs some wounds, and a small keg of gunpowder that can fuel guns or be used as a 5d6 explosive breaching charge

  15. The Fault-Begin with 2 weeks vegan rations, a sack of salt, a skull-lamp and 3 flasks oil, 50' rope, a throwing net, manacles, a sewing kit, and the Breath of M'shesh, which allows you to return fellow M'sheshans to unlife, and to return humanoid corpses to life as M'sheshans (roll a new level 1 character to determine skillset of new Children of M'shesh). Only living children may channel the breath, so it is better to avoid becoming undead for now.
    M'sheshans must not kill and may only take nonlethal actions to defend themselves. (doing so requires Atonement to regain benefits). Though some followers of M'shesh resign themselves to violence, more favors may be earned by seeking nonviolent solutions.
    Kel'Ava'K, the generic miracles of Isfrix, Our Lady of Gardens, any Sun God/Pantheon, Cy'Qy'Wa'Eoss, and Melial are all incompatible with M'shesh worship.
    1.Light Repair Undead, Darkness 2. Hold Person
    3.Animate Dead, Speak With Dead, Feign Death
    4.Serious Repair Undead 5.Breath of M'shesh (Raise Dead)
    6.Animate Object
  16. Prince's Spit-The defender of peasants, rabble, and rabbits, Saint Ronya has no church, but aids those who call upon her when she can, using them as a vessel to channel her being. Begin with a shield but no weapon, a saddle but no horse, a helmet but no armor, a lantern but nothing to light it, and a sense of wrong and the desire to do right. Saint Ronya grants favor for protecting all people who cannot protect themselves, against all manner of threats be they societal or physical.
    Provided you have not yet succumbed to morally grey murderhoboing and consorting with suspicious gods, You may Invoke Saint Ronya in the DCC style as seen here.
    1.Speak with Animals 2.Locate Carrots 3.Neutralize Poison 4.Call Woodland Beings 5.Dispel Evil 6.Animate Objec
  17. Queen's Coast- Our Lady of Gardens is a goddess of Law and Agriculture, concerned with domesticating plants, animals, and people. Her war-clerics, Pruners, are sometimes called to cut down corruption even in distant lands for fear they may threaten the Garden, and you are one such. Begin with a sickle, chain mail, a shield, a week of rations, and 7 vials of holy water. Provided you do not gain miracles from any god besides her, Saint Bridget, Saint Ronya, Hefon, and Aurum's Golden Sun Pantheon, you may also invoke her DCC style as seen here.
    Casting spells from Murulu, her fierce foe, immediately revokes access to Our Lady, and vice versa. Destroying mutant beasts, moonspawn, darkspawn, undead, etc is favorable in her eyes, whereas willingly engaging with such corrupt powers is abominable. Most other standard ways of gaining favor are too slow and domestic to come up in this campaign.
    1.Command 2. Domesticate Animal 3.Plant Growth 4.Hold Plant 5.Anti-Plant Shell 6. Blade Barrier, Conjure Animals 7.Gate (Summon Angel typically)
  18. Bog of the Canal-Zaba is the lone surviving divine rival of Yg from the ancient Reptile Wars in which the Serpent Empire arose, avoiding the wrath of Yg by hiding as a legless tadpole, then growing too fat to eat in the later centuries to escape later devouring. The Frog Cult is one of sloth and fertility, and has little concern for other creatures save as fodder, nor for countries save as potential new swampland, but the Autocrats of Night threaten an extension to the Long Night which Zaba is tired of. You may invoke Zaba in the DCC style as seen in the GM's book (which can't be linked here) for froggy and boggy effects. While few gods really like Zaba, the only totally barred god for concurrent worship is Yg.
    1.Jump 2.Hold Person 3.Water Breathing 4. Raise/Lower Water, Become Frogge 5.Frog Plague 6.Conjure Giant Frogs 7. Regenerate
  19. Revel- Of the Gods of the Road, one is undeniably supreme in the eyes of the average mortal- Tachibana Mana, the Harvest Fox! Without food, there is no life. Fill your inventory with rations and booze, but save one slot for a brochure for a hot spring resort widdershins of Wyrdton. You may be a Mutant, a Denizen(as smol), a Towerfolk (just blue), a Beylar (birdbug person with featherfall flight) or a regular human with a lingering blessing from ashen Ina (Self Haste, one time only). Her clerics must reject authoritative hierarchies and seek to be helpful to their community, providing aid to those in need and seeking to help the needy become more self-sufficient, and also partying. Bai-Szue, the God of Blood and Gold, Kel'A'Vak and Our Lady of Gardens cannot be concurrently venerated due to this political incompatibility.
    As such, your downtimes are almost always consumed via partying or community aid, but no tithes are required.
    1.Entangle, Call Springwater
    2.Barkskin, Locate DrugsPlants,
    3.Create Food & Drink, Plant Growth, Stone Shape, Tree
    4.Speak with Plants, Hold Plants, Plant Door,
    5.Pass Plant, Anti-Plant Shell, Rock To Mud
    6.Stone Tell, Transport Via Plants, Turn Wood, Wall of Thorns
    7. Animate Stone Nurikabe, Earthquake
  20. Revel 2- In Revel, Cy'qy'Wa'ss, The Dancing Fear, is much revered, though they are seen more  ambiguously by outsiders. It urges its followers to face their fears, and rewards them with mastery of the breath of life, and is worshipped in many aspects. The Beylar focus on Fear and Birds, while the Denizens focus on Health and Ash, with Dance being the main uniting factor.
    Facing your fears and aiding the sick and injured will earn favor. So long as you do not eat Bird, you may speak to birds in a pidgeon tongue. Though not at odds with each other, the Breath of Life and the Breath of Undeath are incompatible with worship of M'shesh and the struggle over Bees likewise bans Melial.
    Begin with a grey cloak (orthodox) or a yellow-and-black cloak (alternate), as well as a winged spear you can poledance/polevault with, 5 gourds of alcohol, a gourd-lamp fueled by booze, and either 50' of silk rope and 2 weeks rations, or a riding horse.

    These prayers can be cast via dancing for 1 round/spell level, requiring full uninterrupted movement.
    1. Resist Cold, Remove/Cause Fear 2.Resist Fire 3.Cure Disease,4.Interpretive Dance(tongues) 5.Raise Dead 6.Speak with Monsters 7.Regenerate, Wind Walk
  21. Savoth-As a stan of Grift Kispiritis (as are most witches in Savoth) in his Bloodswimmer aspect as opposed to his Golden Sun aspect, you begin with a tricorn hat, a sword, 7 bottles of rum, and a gold locket with a tiny painting of yourself inside it. You get +4 to saves if someone you've slept with wears this locket openly. Grift is a god of partying and piracy, of passion and the sea, and his favor may be earned by outrageous deeds of carousing and theft. Though a rival of Saint Bridget, they are on the same pantheon and as such any pranking must be basically non-malicious to earn favor.
    1.Command, Light 2.Flirt With Person, Find Traps, Fool's Gold 3.Water Breathing, 4.Confusion 5.Raise Dead 6.Part Water 7.Restoration
  22. Vint- The Demon Lord of Murder, Madness, and Fear, presides over most serial killings in Vint, though the cult of killers has grown to enjoy the hunt elsewhere too. You are of the second noblest sect- a Killer Killer, and you are here to hunt other (lesser) cultists of Kel'A'Vak.
    You cannot concurrently worship Our Lady of Gardens, or M'shesh, and gain favor for terrifying and murdering, and acting your own peculiarities out without suppressing them for 'normality.'
    Begin with silk gloves, a small sack, a large sack, 50' rope, an axe, 3 knives/baghnaks, a crossbow, a trophy from your last kill, and a bizarre porcelain mask you don for Insanity-based rituals.
    As an ally of Houthrel, no additional tithes are required to venerate both.
    1Cause/Remove Fear. 2.Locate/Obscure Evidence 3.Cause/Remove Insanity 4.Neutralize/Poison.5.Murder/Unmurder 6.Call Forth Demons 7.Gate
  23. Vint 2- The God of the New Deep is best paid tribute to on long sea journeys lest they be made unlucky in their journey. Hunchbacked Houthrel has no love for witches or Ningen, so has dispatched his hybrid agents to enact age old revenge on a certain Autocrat of Night and his favors will rain down upon those who do his will in this matter. As an ally of Kel'Ava'k, no additional tithes are required to venerate both.
    Start with a harpoon, a fishing net, a throwing net, a waterproof pistol and a wax-sealed waterproof powder horn. You can swim at full speed due to webbed fingers, and can breathe water once you are 60+ years old (becoming more and more deep one esque as you age).
    1.Create Water, Purify Water 2.Find Traps 3.Protection from Normal Missiles 4.Raise/Lower Water, Divination 5.True Seeing 6.Part water, Find the Path 7. Word of Recall
  24. Wyrdton/King's Point-Murulu, Lord of Calamities proclaims only mutants will survive the coming Gamma World, and is tasked with appointing where calamity falls. She is the nemesis of Our Lady of Gardens and the two cannot be concurrently worshipped without advanced heretical knowledge.You are a natural mutant, or blessed to mutate. Begin with an axe, a choice between two mutations, a missing eye, hand, or foot, chain mail, infection with a random disease, 2 weeks of assorted rations, and  a radioactive lantern that will not go out, but will give non-mutants 1 mutation if they carry it for more than a week and gives those in its light -4 to save vs mutation & polymorphing.
    Whenever you remove an ailment such as mutilation, mutation, or disease, you may either take it onto yourself for favor, or have until you sleep to inflict it on another, or it will be balanced out with a mutation, disease, or calamitous occurence upon the beneficiary (this can also be immediately brought about). Either way, the spell slot is immediately reversed and refunded for aid in bringing this about.
    Dealing out mutation, mutilation, plague, and mayhem pleases Murulu.
    1.Enlarge 2.Barkskin 3.Cure/Cause disease, Sensory Loss/Gain, Mutate, minor Mutilation 4.Polymorph Self/Other 5.Bring Calamity (As conjure elemental) 6.Regenerate/Major Mutilation, Speak with Monsters 7. Mutated Resurrection, Call Calamity (Tornado, Earthquake, Flood)
  25. Yuba Yuba's borders are safe, but the dogs and horses of the world are not. With the indignities done to dogs and horses, punishment for the Autocrats is in order. Cut out their hearts and feed them to the Jackal God of Yuba through your own mouth! Favor is granted for protecting dogs and offering the hearts of your enemies to the Jackal as sacrifice.
    Begin with the dog-leg crooked blade of Yuba (as handax), a sling and  a pouch of stones, a loyal hound, a noble steed(May Haste itself 1/life), and leathers as armor, as well as a week of rations for you, a week of meat for the dog, and a week of oats for the horse.
    1.Dog Food-Purify Food and Drink 2.Friendship 3.Big Dog 4.Dog Summoning I 5. Dog Summoning II 6.Dog Summoning III 7. Regenerate, Restoration, Resurrection, Reincarnate.
  26. Mantlehearth-  The Church of Saint Pimpernell, an Undersun Cult of Yg-A, remains popular due to the personal goodwill of the local halflings of fiery Mantlehearth, and the past Burnermen's pyromaniacal efforts to purge the Blight. The Cult of Finzu the Egregrious, Destroyer of Westwatch, is less kindly looked upon. However, despite sectarian differences, the only favor earned by pyromancers comes from what they burn.
    You gain the effects of being small and dragon-blooded, and fill your inventory with either a lantern and oil flasks, or a more sedate dagger, rope, lantern, week of rations, and 3 oil flasks.
    1.Resist Cold, Burning Hands 2.Pyrotechnics, Heat Metal, Produce Flame 3.Fireball 4.Fire Shield, Trap, and Charm 5.Flame Strike 6.Fire Seeds, Call Pyre Saint(as Fire Elemental) 7. Fire Storm.8. Incendiary Cloud 9. Meteor Swarm
  27. Ebeth- The insects praise the god whose flesh they eat, Ebetheron the Golden, and some praise his shadow, Arrkohn the Dark, who is pleased at their consumption. Overseas, heretic kobolds of the Bai-Szue empire long for a golden god of charity, generosity, and humility, as opposed to their blue-scaled and blue-blooded goddess of bureaucracy.
    You may be a Kobold, and be small but rolling to gain draconic/lightning mutations, or an Insect, and gain random mutations (so long as they can be themed insectile) upon levelling. You begin with 200c of golden dust in a vial as holy symbol (also can be used as single-use octuple-strength holy water), and nothing else (you gave it to the needy)
    1.Resist Cold 2.Resist Fire3.Create Food and Water 4.Poison/Neutralize Poison 5. Insect Plague 6.Gold to Flesh/Flesh To Gold 
  28. Autocracy- A local cultist, turned against the Autocrats. Arrkohn, the Dragon of Darkness, does not begrudge his followers from doing whatever they want, and betrayal does not exclude you from benefitting from his shady powers. Any solar pantheon is incompatible with Arrkohn due to current events, though this may not be a permanent state of affairs...
    Begin with the keys and maps to one area of the dungeon, as well as info on treasures and monsters within, two daggers, and a dragon-shadow instead of your own.
    1. Darkness 2. Mirror Image (Shadow clones) 3. Phantasmal Force 4. Shadow Monsters II, 5. Shadow Step

  29. Ynne- The multiverse is full of gods! Find another GM's campaign to snag a god from!
    Begin with a  barstool OR broken beer bottle (as club/dagger), a barrel-lid shield, leather armor, 6 torches, and 500c of debt to the Ynne, an interdimensional Inn full of multiverse wanderers such as yourself, and of course the knowledge of how to make gates to Ynn.

  30. Elf- Though unimpressed by young gods, many elves turned to a kind of penitent harmony with nature after the depredations of the 3rd age. The love of trees and plants leads many to be vicious carnivores. The Autocrats are NOT harmonious and are to be ended. You are a Druid of whatever source is most convenient, beloved by plants, animals, and elementals. You may not utilize fire-based spells, however, as that is the domain of Yg-A, nor snake based spells, as snakes predate elves.
    Equipment wise, you are naked, but have enough hair that it counts as winter clothing, or 20' rope if braided.

All MUs know Speak With Magic, a projection of their own soul into the Dream Realm, and do not need a spellbook to utilize it. "Memorizing" a spell consists of Speaking with a wisp at careful length, and making a deal with it to keep it on standby for quick activation- more experienced wizards can maintain multiple such contracts without making mistakes or exhausting their mental capacity to shape their psyches to appeal to wisps.
Spells can also be cast simply by consulting the book or scroll they are contained within and attempting to read out communications with a wisp. "Book-casting" may be attempted by wizards whose spell slots are expended, or even non-MUs! But beware- occult spellwisps, alien compared to divine miracleworkers, act to the letter at best, or on their own inhuman appetites at worst, and these attempts are highly dangerous.

  1. Annu Nki- A biomancer, inheritor of the work of Neroikos. You have 50 feet of silk rope, a backpack, a book on the creation of Flesh Golems, a hand mirror, a jar of hair oil, manacles, and a week of rations.
    Spellbook- "Flesh Preservation, Volume I" A suspiciously well-preserved leather book.
    • Compelling Touch- Target will not willingly break skin-to-skin contact with you until you lose contact. No save, though if there's no exposed skin it fails. Operates via nerve connections.
    •  Avenging Distortion- Touched wound (single instance of HP damage) is healed, becomes a creature with HD# determined by making 1d8 rolls summed until the sum is greater than the HP damage of the wound, with HD equalling the # of rolls made. This walking wound seeks to kill whoever inflicted it and deals 1d8 damage.
    • Winter Moonlet- As Light, but the ambient temperature within the illumination is lowered to freezing at a rate of about -10 degrees per turn of exposure. You may only have as many instances of this spell active as you have fragments of the Winter Moon to devote to it, and must recover the motes to re-cast.
    • Sticks to Tricks- Wooden sticks become like prehensile clay, able to pick locks, serve as rope, etc etc. Once dropped from your hand, effect ends. 
    • Illuminarating Ice- Ask polished ice a question, and see the answer reflected. Often lies.
  2. Ashen Ina- Inheritors of the traditions of the Hellknights due to unfortunate proximity to the doom of that martial temple, begin with 3 random spells/techniques from here, but no cursed weapon. If a cursed weapon can be obtained, it can serve in similar function.You may learn a new random spell from that list each level-up.
    Begin with a decidedly uncursed wakizashi, pistol and bag of shot, and either a warm bag of ashes with some hot coals lurking inside, or a waterskin full of mountain dew, the favored drink of mountaintop blade-saints.
  3. Bai-Szue Empire- Bai-Szue sorcerers specialize in either court espionage, burial rites, or geomancy. Until their specialization is decided, they are only allowed basic scrolls.
    You may be dragon blooded or not (roll mutation each level, keep only electric/draconic ones) and have a pint of ink, brushes, 50 blank papers, ink stamps, hairpins (1d3 damage as improvised weapons) a folding fan (may serve as a shield, once) and the following Scrolls which each take a slot, as they are not compiled into a proper spellbook. You may ID spells cast by Bak-Mei's wicked sorcerers immediately due to familiarity.
    • Orders From The Top (1 word command, said with authority and cultural significance, believed true. Can work as text, with Message-length fake orders possible)
    • Protection From Undead (As Prot from Evil but vs undead in form of as paper talisman. May ward doors/items/people)
    • Seal Portal (Paper placed over door keeps it Stuck/Locked)
    • Translate Text (As it sounds, maintains original text, writes translation on new pages)
    • Message (Delivers Level*3 #of words to desired recipient via flying paper doll.)

  4. Bandar Log/Aakasa Parvat- An albino monkey of Bandar Log blessed or cursed with great mental acumen. You climb at full speed (though not complete safety), and begin with a gourd jug full of alcohol or pure water, a lotus flower behind an ear(mysterious if smoked), and random psionic powers from the AD&D players handbook- psionics being a form of wizardry in which the only spellwisp used is ones own soul. More spells may be learned with Speak with Magic as usual.
  5. Beast Islander- While most wizards utilize the powers of beings from the dreaming netherworld, there's no real reason you can't take a more physical approach.
    Begin with a flute, finger cymbals, or a maraca as a way to direct your beasts, leashes or cages for them, and bags of chow and fodder to befriend and feed more animals. Your Speak with Spells may manifest spellwisps into physical form when learning new spells. Though usually content to stay out of trouble, enemies who attack them directly may be affected in turn without needing a spell slot, though your spells are likewise vulnerable as manifest creatures.
    • Bumbleweed- a lightweight plant beast that can be called upon to Entangle foes!
    • Manythang- A shapeshifting thing that can be worn as a Disguise for yourself or imitate mundane items!
    • Beeshido- A samurai bee of Revel. Fights anything! (as Magic Missile!)
  6. Cycladea- Many ancient magics were lost along with the Three Goddesses, but the petty spirits that peddle them still may be contacted by the knowing, unbeknownst to the Golden Gods.
    Begin with a blindfold that can double as a sling, good sandles, a fleece (winter clothing), 2 weeks rations, 10 torches, and the following secret spells
    • Speak With Waters- Allows communication with nymphs, ningen, elementals. No assurance of aid is included, unfortunately.
    • Honeyed Tongue-Charms person by granting speaker the perfect words to say to earn trust
    • Behold Typhon (Murulu)- Scares a target of under 6HD, fear type effect, with visage of Murulu. Not mind-altering, just shocking.
    • Zephyr's Breath- Shield spell, no relation to wild god of Beastly Vengeance.
    • Boon of Arachne- Spider Climb
  7. Fassulia-The Tower of Cul'Khuwa is known for its deals with Ifrit and Djinn for the Phavean Queen, but many such deals soured after the Staff of the Magi was broken. As such, the spells of Seven-Veils, the mysterious head of the tower and vanquisher of Finzu persisted after Jinn-binding failed, leading to an unusual character of spellcraft there. Many mighty spells were known to Seven Veils, and these are the very least of them.
    Begin with 7 items made of cloth, each dyed a different color of the rainbow, each an inventory slot and secret spell scroll in addition to its other uses.
    • Red- Transport Sunshard- allows movement of flames hither and yon with concentration.
    • Orange-Ironbane- Rusts nails or locks/weapons and armor/barriers and statues
    • Yellow-Acid Grease- Makes an area slippery and corrosive- may degrade items over the course of a turn, and causes small pain and discomfort (d4) to those prone in it
    • Green-Protection from Ifrit 10' radius- As protection from Evil, but very specific. Can make circles to trap them inside, or protect those within
    • Blue-Hold Still- As Hold Person, but only prevents movement, and STR can be checked to overcome it.
    • Violet-Jumpscare Raven- summons loud cawing birds that cause 4d4HD of targets to save or jump back, possibly tripping, definitely losing action for the round.
    • Brown- Horrid Glyph- short lived rune that causes disgust & revulsion (save or flee 1d6 rounds). If placed on creature, may attack itself to remove glyph.
  8. Adherent of the Three in One- You may use AD&D rules for casting including bonus spells per day, school specialization, etc etc, but may not memorize spells not found within core AD&D books.
    The cult of this outer goddess Chaerona/Moonstone/Mystra includes spellthieves and bladesingers and encourages multiclassing, and requires the Three Pillars be upheld as a code of conduct. I- All shall have their material needs fulfilled. II- No walls shall stand between worlds III- No person shall be held in bondage through force, labor, or debt.
    Starting spells are rolled for with an INT-based modifier.
  9. Geatland- Not particularly known for sorcerers, there are nonetheless many dwarf-runes and alf-lore to be found in Geatland for those who know where to look. Begin with a staff, a handaxe, furs (leather armor+winter clothes), and  a hammer and chisel, as well as a week of rations and 6 torches.
    • Rune of Beast Tongue- Allows brief speech with animals while runed pebble is in mouth.
    • Rune of Enfeeblement- typically cast by throwing an enraved skipping stone, touching this rune cuts strength by half (typically a -2 to hit and damage, but may be more impressive vs giants) on a failed save.
    • Rune of Opening- Doors bearing this rune cannot bear to be closed. As Knock, Level 2
    • Rune of Sleep- As Sleep. May later learn Symbol of Sleep if high level achieved.
  10. Geth-Silk Wizard. Begin with a 50' long silk scarf that has 3' devoted to 3 random spells from here, and is usually worn as a turban, double cape, or similar, though it also works as a rope.
    You may multiclass into Cleric, Assassin, and/or Monk based on your training under the ascetic keepers of the Silken One, or not.
    You may endure starvation and exposure twice as long as normal, though you do enjoy smoking various things in your pipe to help take the edge of deprivation off. You may learn a new random spell from that list each level-up.
  11. Gondazong- Begin with a grass skirt, hood, and cloak, the iconic Gondazong phenotype, familiarity with hypertech, and a mix of arcane and technological tricks which are indistinguishable from another until some test proves it is one or the other. Inventory is filled with 'strange baubles, trinkets, gadgets, and gizmos' which can be specified as a spell component part of a 'spellbook,' tech items, or mundanities like screwdrivers. You begin with all level 1 "spells," and may learn a random level 2 "spell" each level-up.
    • Affect Normal Fires- Dims or brightens flames by 90%, for 1 round. Might be a directed oxygen/nitrogen dispenser, or a pact with a very minor air elemental.
    • Dancing Lights- 1-4 torch/wisplights, or a vague humanoid shape, 2 rounds per level.
      Might be ghost-bees paid off with honey offerings, or a damaged holoprojector.
    • Push- Applies minor force to a target, about equal to a one-handed shove, which could deflect a blow, trip an unwary target, topple a small or unbalanced target.
      Could be a depleted repulsor field generator, or a poltergeist wisp.
    • Shield- Gives frontal defense of AC18 against hurled missiles, AC17 vs device-propelled missiles, and AC16 against most else. Lasts 5 rounds/.5 turns per level. Could be a depleted repulsor field generator, or a poltergeist wisp.
    • Ventriloquism- Allows projection of caster;s voice to seemingly come from elsewhere. May be a walkie talkie set, or simply a skill, or perhaps a minor invocation of Echo.
    • Level 2
    • Audible Glamer- Causes a sound of the caster's choice to arise for up to 2/rounds per level, with volume being equal to a few humans. May just be a small speaker.
    • Detect Invisibility- This is just a bag of fine dusty sand, to be thrown into the air.
    • Invisibility- Hides the target from visual spectrum of light until they take offensive action. Might be a pacifist pixie, or a easily-disrupted camo-nanite spray-on.
    • Levitate-allows vertical floatation of a creature, at about 20' per round, and 100lbs per level, for 1/turn per level. Could be an Iskander Antigravity Tesseract, or just ghosts of float-jellies.
    • Magic Mouth- Allows a preset message to be activated in a space with certain trigger conditions. May just be a small speaker.
    • Scare- frightens a creature of 6HD or less for 3d4 rounds, dropping items and only fighting if cornered. Could be the effects of a drugged cactus spine, or simply a frightening ancestor ghost.

  12. Heleologos- The Enlarge Wars were said to have started with the graduating class and professors under Great Doctor Ogudugu, but no alternate curriculum would be derived for generations due to the sunset of Helios and 5th Intersolar Period.
    Begin with 7 sunfruit- rations if eaten, ferment to alcohol in a week if not, and a gourd-lamp with no fuel (yet), and 3 random spells from here. You may learn a new random spell from that list each level up as you peruse research notes.
  13. Neth-Somnambulist, lotus eater, dream chaser. Begin with a pipe, 5 doses tobacco, 3 doses opium, one rare dose lotus (mutates a spell.) and a dream journal with 3 random spells from here as well as Borehole, and the knowledge that Borehole is no longer safe to cast, especially not here. As an outlaw sorcerer, you also carry twin kryss-daggers to protect yourself, a camelhide blanket for rough sleeping and easy concealment, and 3 empty waterskins. You may learn a new random spell from that list each level-up.
  14. Noure- Erhard De Vend, consort of the Serene Coatl, was a mage who lost in the Oroboro Civil War, but lived on via clone shenanigans and retired to a dark and moldering estate to be the sorcerer of Ambrose Noure, though their bloodlines later feuded. His eventual family is more than human, and seeks to return to Oroboro by earning renown against the Autocrats of Night-
    Roll mutation upon level ups, keep anything that could be snakey, electric, or shapeshiftery.
    Begin with a silver sword with a winged serpent and woman coiling as hilt, a sack of coals suitable for making very hot fires, a signet ring, and ornate and very loose robes.
    De Vend Family Matters
    • Break Restrictions- 1/turn per level, remove restrictions on usage of a magic item
    • Familiar- Contacts ancestor demon to teach magic in form of small animal
    • Enchant Weapon- Gives a weapon +1 for 1 turn. 
    • Malingering- As Cause Light Wounds, 1d6+1. Remnant invocation to Isfrix.
  15. Onusian- Magic was thought mostly lost in the sojourn of That Which Was Taken in the High Howling Dark, but it was rediscovered thanks to Chaerona and Leopolt, and refined by the pyromancer Queen De Naris. Also licensed for a mechanical Lancer frame, you studied at the Academy of De Naris to learn this strange new combat doctrine, and you have a slugthrower (1d12 pistol), a backup alloy composite sword (not magical, but +1 against mundane armor) and a light hardsuit (move as magic leather, protection as plate, also proof against vacuum and other hazards until punctured by damage), as well as a personal drone half-jokingly called your 'familiar' that can be remotely piloted and seen through, though it has limited battery. All spells can be cast from inside a vehicle/on the vehicle and passengers, as they were designed for use in mecha.
    • Pas De Deux- An imperfect result of the SYMPATHY_FOR_THE_DEVIL project, this allows understanding of the language of others, though communication in return must be charades as no auto-translate was discovered.
    • Ballon- As Feather Fall. An important spell for letting mechs perform aerial drops.
    • Grand Jete-Allows a mighty jump equal to movespeed vertically and horizontally.
    • petit Flambe- A pyromancy thought mostly useless compared to a Thermal Rifle, it regained popularity as a purifying flame against foulness and a secret mark of training from De Naris. 2 damage per level, save for half, in a 90 degree arc within 5.
  16. Oroboron- Though L'Academie Sorcierre has a more comprehensive library, Argyle's Open Sourcery has always given access to its spells for FREE! This let you save a lot of money, and so
    you begin with any 7 slots of (normal) equipment you want, and the
    Open Sourcery Book, A text refined and retranslated by dozens of authors over the years.
    • Rotate Oneiroenchinoderm- allows partial manifestation of a spiny conch-shell like dream creature. If placed between self and enemies, counts as Shield. If carefully rotated, can carry objects as Floating Disc. If used to poke enemies, Magic Missile! If poked into a door, Hold Portal! If given more mental juice (level 2 slot) it can Levitate things.
    • Translate Script- Translates text to Commonid. Handy!
    • Find My Keys- Can find other things too! (Locate object)
    • Websling- As Web,  but can be used for precision tasks or brachiation.
  17. The Fault- Begin with a tigerskin cloak (your spells are encoded in the stripes) a walking quarterstaff, a disdain for the PASCC and the Gods, an undead rooster as pet, a gourd lamp and alcohol mash to fuel it or drink, and a bloodstained knife. +4 to save vs Rakshasa illusion.
    Accursed Tiger Scroll
    • Level 1
    • Protection from Animals- As Protection from Evil, but for natural animals. 
    • Detect Prey- detects edible creatures with less HD than the caster and all ‘prey’ animals even if they have more
    • Tiger Mouth- as Magic Mouth, but creates a very loud and realistic tiger roar that can be heard from far away when triggered. Any creatures drawn by the sound likely check morale before deciding to investigate.
    • Level 2
    • Fangfriend- functions as Charm Animal, only works on predatory 'natural' animals,
    • Growth of Predators As Growth of Animals, but only for predatory beasts.
    • Sleeping Dog- Lasts 24 hours. While sleeping, other creatures must Save vs Spells to take any action that would wake the caster.

  18. Prince's Spit- Begin with a 10' pole with a mophead, a ladder, an inflatable tube that can float 1 person on water, a blank porcelain mask, and a spellbook containing the following spells (details here). Prince's Spit adopted some of the Heleologos curriculum after the Enlarge Wars to make elegant spellsword duelists... and also janitorial canal-scourers of Whitegreen City. You may be Young and count as Small, or Old (-2 physical stats, +2 mental) depending on how young you decided you'd rather try beating the Dark Lord than scrub one more green slime off a marble statue of Our Lady.
    • Jeeves/Sebastian/Alfred/Igor/Kano/Smithers/Wong- As Unseen Servant
    • Arzhangs Astonishing Automatic Laundry- Strips, washes, and hangs to dry target's clothes
    • Extremely Warm and Legally Distinct Cutting Surfaces of Nanci, Aka Ruinous Flameblade
    • Matterhorns Champagne Fairy- Water to champagne, -1 fall damage per drunkenness
  19. Queen's Coast-Your last name is likely Juan. While lacking any spellbook, you begin with a random wand (1d66+34)entrusted to you by your older brother who died in the first assault, and of course can Speak with Magic as all competent apprentice mages may. You can ID wands 95% of the time.
    If young enough, you may count as Small. If not, your clothes and shoes are in tatters from having to run from combat, rather than hide.
  20. Bog of the Canal- Most people only think of the classic 'Turned into a Frog' curse when thinking of the Bog of the Canal, but after the capture of the Prince Burier, the Order of the Lantern was able to preserve many powerful spells, only to have them lost to the lich Matterhorn. However, some spells were recovered from his lair after his defeat, and so the fragmentary hedge-wizardry of the bog continues to this day.
    As a froggy folk, you can jump at half-movespeed horizontally, and quarter-that vertically, swim at full speed, but only heal with rest if you can also moisturize in a bath or equivalent moisture.
    Begin with moisture retaining bandages, a cloak, a lantern, 3 flasks of alcohol for that lantern, a gutstring banjo, and a easily concealable dagger with no hilt.You may end up a Bard if you try.
    • Magic Mouth- Allows for leaving of messages or distractions alike.
    • Fireflies- As Dancing Lights. A simple, much beloved spell from the Long Night.
    • War-Flyborne Platter Shield- Combat magic used to block attacks or carry wounded comrades (Shield or Floating Disc when cast). Allows for an attack to be made when cast due to being combat magic. Makes a horrible buzzing noise of flywings.
    • Curse of 1 hop- Prevents movement until the accursed target makes one hop. More dangerous than it seems.
    • Borer Rudean-Auto Translate- utilizes Nightmare energy to allow communication between languages, but only in the most insulting, enraging translation possible, and worse yet, incurs an encounter check from dream realm beings.
  21. Revel-You are a Beylar Schola, a kind of magic blue ostrich-bug-human whose poor flight counts as Feather Fall and sees Fighter and Thief as other genders. You are skilled in Dance Magic, which allows you to cast without speaking, provided you may dance around freely using your full movement for a # of rounds = to spell level.
    You begin with a 10' pole/staff, 3 flasks alcohol, a gourd lamp, and a stone slab hexagon spellbook containing
    • Moonshroud- As Darkness, but the duration is as long as you maintain a certain dance.
    • Call Steed of Revel- summons a mount (stats as riding horse, warhorse, susapeg, or Ae'quae'revior Lusus Mount depending on if it is used as a level 1, 3, or 5, or 8 spellslot). Cast time 1 turn, duration 2+1hour/caster level.
    • Hopping Lanterns- As Dancing Lights, but with a duration as long as dance is maintained, and the lanterns physically appear as hopping lantern-posts.
    • Interpretive Dance- Allows the caster to understand the body language of 1 touched creature for 5/rounds per level, though this does not allow the caster to speak to the target themselves.
    • Find Familiar (Bird)- A ritual to summon a "Bird" from the darkness to serve as companion and educator.
    • Dance With Magic- Though all wizards can 'Speak With Magic' your method is specifically nonverbal.
  22. Savoth- While Sea Hags are generally well-acquainted with Ningen and Houthrels alike, more landbound witches of Savoth whose education stems from the Baba Yaga tend to have a bone to pick with a certain member of the Bloodswimmer pantheon. While much of their magic is helpful and civilian, you didn't become a witch for kind domestic abilities, you became one to be a queen of witches! You have a 2-in-6 chance to know the Name and Sigil of encountered demons, and a 1-in-6 chance to be confidently incorrect.
    Begin with an inflatable bladder that serves as a flotation device and helps your gigantic hat keep its shape, a week of rations, a broom (it doesn't fly but you don't have to camp in filth u know) and your choice of a cauldron full of a liquid of your choice, or a pet black cat that will become a familiar if anything else offers that deal to you, and then eat the competition.
    Natasha's Guide to The Darke Artes
    • Shield-Must have against fey, lest Elf Shot send you to hell.
    • Protection From Evil-Must-have when dealing with demons
    • Darkness- Easy way to bully people, especially if they have no light magic
    • Sleep- #2 best spell for dealing with angry mobs (Fireball #1)
    • Bewitch- Charm person.
  23. Vint- The Sanguine Church does not encourage blood magic, but that blood is suitable as arcane medium is no great secret in the bloody lands of Vint-Savoth. Waterproof gloves, boots, apron, mask (as leather armor). Scalpel. Funnel. Tubing. Ligatures. Glass vials. Draining somethings blood lets you extract uncast spells from it and pen bloody scrolls later. No starting spells are known save for Speak With Magic(a rigorous analysis of ichors). This should be all that is necessary to continue your banned work, with subjects no one will miss.

  24. Wyrdton/King's Point- Conquered by Murulu in the Enlarge Wars, arcane magic was less of a focus compared to the power of mutations and new tech. However, Murulu's forces maintain spells forbidden by other nations, due to not minding occasional branding as 'Dark Lord.'
    As a Mutant, you begin with a mutation, and roll a new one each level up. Also begin with a sling and stones, 6 torches, a week of rations, and a scuffed spellbook and style of learning that leads your spells to have random mutations, including these.
    • Rainy Day Hammerspace- This spell allows for storage of items in an extradimensional space, but can only be cast, for storage or retrieval, on rainy days.
    • Protection From Beggars- Mutant society is communal, not mercantile, and so this spell is rarely used for both moral and practical reasons.
    • Enlarge/Shrink- Though limited by mass such that it only comes out to about a 20% apparent size difference (+2 hit damage ac, or reversed) this magic is still highly illegal anywhere that signed the Enlarge Treaty. Works on any physical object.
    • 1 Random Spell dug up from basically anywhere you like.
  25. Ynn-The Ynne Commune is too loose to be called a college, and is more like a 'scene' accessible to many worlds and to rich and poor alike (though being richer definitely helps due to the exorbitant costs of living in an interdimensional Inn). Due to the anachronistic nature of Ynn, people from the alleged 'future' have replaced some spells with their gadgets and as such, spell lists vary. Pick or roll one of the following books-
    "Oroboron Punk Tactics" modern self defense and urban evasion pamphlet. Hastily made.
    • Protection From Evil (Misprint Possibility- Affection from Evil, see below)
    •  Fragment of the Word of Sleep- As Sleep, but can be whispered into ear for single target no-HD limit Sleep (with Save allowed)
    • Unseen Servant
    • Hold Portal
    • Wizard Lock A- (Misprint possibility- Lizard Lock, which is the same but can also be foiled by defeating the lizard holding door shut)
    "The Sorcerer's Cell Phone"- Book intended to give past wizards cell-phone parity
    • Message
    • Light (variant)- cannot be reversed. Can flash as a flashbang, and can be turned on and off during duration with a command word.
    • Shocking Grasp (Called the Taser, made by index and pinky fingers jabbed into target)
    • Ventriloquism
    • Affection from Evil (Just logs on to Pondr, the Dating App for Orb Enthusiasts. Counts as Charm Person against things normally repelled by Prot From Evil as the match notification goes off)
    "So You Wanna Explore Runeforest(Don't)" helpful book full of dire warnings on how warnings won't save you in a certain extradimensional library.
    • Ironguts- Caster gains immunity to ingested poison, disease, and spoiled food for 1 hour
    • Root-bridge- Grows nearby plants into a 20 ft long 5ft wide bridge
    • Sap Blood-Reduces the next damage target takes this hour by 1d6
    • Wizard Lock B(aka Librarian's Key, reversible into Knock, works on Books). Level 2
    • Breath of Bees- 30' range, 3d6 single target swarm, then 2d6 10' radius, then 1d6 30' radius, then disadvantage on rolls in area due to bees. Level 2

    Higher level spellbooks exist, revealing military tactics from the Enlarge Wars and conjuring Djinn, but those copied texts cost small fortunes to transcribe & are usually held by serious otherworld adventurers, wary of theft.
    Starting equipment- Lighter, crowbar, handcuffs, rope.

  26. Yuba- Yuban sorcerers found direct magics useless against the Rakshasha of the 5th intersolar age, so instead focused on support magics and tactics.
    Begin with 3 spare shields, 12 torches, 3 javelins, a guard dog, 3 flasks of alcohol, medical toolkit, a clay cookpot, and of course, your spellbook, which you have yet to fully master as it includes clerical prayers (Cleric/MU multiclass available)
    • Protection From Evil-
    • Pack Dogs- summons ghostly hounds who can drag 500lbs, or carry 5 slots on their back, for 1/turn per level.
    • Moon Shroud- as Darkness, but with a duration of 'Concentration'
    • Jackal's Howl- (Blessing) Inspires allies to get +1 to hit and morale for 6 rounds +1 per level.
  27. Mercia-  The staid wizard academies of Mercia produce wizards so that they may be employed as military assets, with selected spells that while troublesome, are not security risks.
    Begin with a pavise that give 50% cover when planted in the ground and cowered behind, a dagger, a lead-lined hat, a light crossbow and quiver of bolts, a week of rations, and 5 torches.
    • Floating Disc- To serve as logistics pack mule, and extraction of the wounded.
    • Sleep- Useful for taking out enemy squads, or as painkillers.
    • Protection from Evil- Mostly used as counterplay to mental influence from criminal mages.
    • Message- Losing popularity as tech develops, but vital for getting information out.
    • Dancing Lights- Primarily a signaling spell, but also of use in situations of darkness, rain, etc.

  28. Mantlehearth-Pyromancer
    Practically identical to the religious variant in effect, the detail is mainly just that you embedded a ruby in one of your palms and use it to burn things not out of religious awe, but just general pyromania and, some might say, a lack of discipline for proper spellcasting.
    You may not learn spells that do not deal with fire and do not really 'Speak With Magic.' but may expend HP to spontaneously cast spells (1d6 damage per Spell Level) Technically speaking, you're not so much a 'wizard' as 'someone with a fragment of a sun stuck in them.' Anyway, start with as much alcohol as you like, it helps dull the pain and burns brightly. You also have thick leather gloves and clothes (as leather armor) and may be of the 'small, dragonblooded' phenotype or be a standard human.

    Powers Drawn Forth From Stoking The Burning Ruby in your Palm
    1.Resist Cold, Burning Hands 2.Pyrotechnics, Heat Metal 3.Fireball 4.Fire Shield/Trap5.Flame Strike 6.Fire Seeds, Call Pyre Saint(as Fire Elemental) 7. Fire Storm.8. Incendiary Cloud 9. Meteor Swarm
  29. Limedike- A hedge-witch with an esoteric spellbook derived from a Moon-Slab, often employed by the Crow Gang. You start with a book, a knife, and a magic crow-feather cape that lets you sneak around as a Thief and grants 15AC, but it is fragile and easily harmed by blows and flame.
    "By Raven's Wing" By Tib???[unreadable]- A decaying book of a bygone age.
    • Gate of the Knife- enchants a Knife to cut anything that passes the doorframe it is stuck in, then falls out.
    • Oil Colossus- Summons 5 foot wide flame-eyed blob. If struck, degenerates into flaming pool of oil as per a spilled lantern.
    • Jumpscare Crow- Summons a crow in someones face, cawing. They check morale or jump backwards instinctively and use their attack of opportunity to swing at the crow, which typically flies away after.
    • Transport Sunshard- Move fire, lightning, or other sun-aspect to another place in sight at a rate equal to your own move.
    • Mesmeric Sphere- Summons orb with 1HP and ac 10. Those who look at it must save or be unable to look away, though they are free to pop it like a soap bubble.
    • Void Shield- Creates black disk that blocks light and energy but not physical objects- As Shield, but affects saving throws and sometimes AC... though only against appropriate things.
  30. Elf- Begin with shortbow, 2 weeks delicious rations (you won't share), quiver of arrows, hunting knives, twilight vision, a bronze chainmail cuirass (you can cast in it just fine) and no real indication of being a 'wizard' which is the obvious tactical optimization for these later ages of the world. Your spellbook is a coterie of fairies, (see Fey Witch)  with 3 fairies to begin with and more prone to arrive each level. Iron burns you if your charisma mod is positive. If you wish to be a fighter multiclass or even a ranger-type multiclass, feel free.