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For wizards who don't want to be clever they just want to kill things with fire
Becoming a Pyromancer involves embedding a fragment of the sun(or Undersun) into your hand, reducing your HP by 1 die class(or just -1 per level). Using the embedded sunshard requires the hand to not be holding anything or covered up. It is as bright as a candle by default, but can become torch or brighter if you blow on it or if there's a wind to stoke it. You can learn spells by burning yourself badly-if reduced to 1 or less HP by fire or lightning, save to learn a new pyromancy spell (or any spell that's fiery n stuff, really).

Your magic dice(if any) become HEAT DICE. You can recover 1 heat die by dealing yourself 1d6 fire damage. If you wanna use this class outside of GLOG-style magics, just roll 2d6 for spells and assume [dice] is 2 and then deplete em vancian style, and by dealing 2d6 damage to yourself, you can restore a spell slot.

Whenever you roll a 6 for pyromancy effects, roll another HEAT die and add it to the sum and total dice rolled for all purposes except determining dooms and miscasts.
Finally, HEAT dice return to your pool on a 4-6, as the flames rage higher, and are removed on a 1-3, as they dwindle. Bonus HEAT DICE generated by rolling 6's are always removed.

Solar Pyromancies

Immolation- Enemies attacking you in melee without a long weapon take 1d4 points of damage, and ignite on a 4. They may have to make morale checks to dare the flames. You also take 1d4 damage per turn until you extinguish yourself. Your unarmed attacks deal +1d4 damage as well. This spell either wards away swarms, or kills them in seconds.
Dragon's Desperation- blow onto the shard in your palm to billow forth flames, dealing 1dcurrentHP+[dice] damage to everyone within a wide cone of throwing weapon range, and yourself. If this would kill you, make a save at +[dice] to survive with 1HP.
Fireball- A flaming orb appears in your hand, dealing 1d6+[dice] damage to you,+1 per additional target you wish to hit. Targets take [sum]+[dice] damage, but may save for 1/2.
Grip of Cremation- Successfully hit in melee to deal damage=to your remaining HP-1 to a target and to yourself. If this kills them, they are reduced to ash.
Heat Blade
- Imbue a blade with [sum] heat points. Spend heat points before rolling to hit. Heated weapons take 1HP to swing.
    Torchlight- Weapon glows as candle for X hours, or torch for X minutes, X being expended heat
    Liquid Flame- Weapon inflicts damage on misses = to damage rolled -#points missed by. -1 Heat.
    Carbonize- Weapon inflicts +1 damage per point of heat expended
    Heatwave- Weapon Inflicts hit on +1 random target per heat expended within 10'
Steam Cloud- Smack water to create large cloud of scalding steam that deals [dice] damage to those engulfed, -1 per round, until it is just obscuring steam. Lasts [sum] rounds
Dawn Prayer- The Sun arrives in the sky in 2d6-[dice] hours. This is a placebo effect according the the Heleognostics and astronomers.

1-Lose 1 HEAT die from your pool, spell does minimum damage.
2- Choke on smoke, lose next action
3- Carried flammable items ignite.
4-All nearby flammable items ignite, but not yours!
5-Spell has maximum effect.
6-HEAT dice increase in dice size one step for the day, up to a max of d12.

1- You are badly burned and reduced to 1HP. Learn a new pyromancy spell at random
2- You are badly burned and reduced to 0HP. Learn a new pyromancy spell of your choice.
3- You have been consumed by the flames, and your spirit ascends to join Glorious Sol. If any heleognostics witness this, you are canonized as a saint. If it happens underground, you cause a minor volcanic eruption as you burn through the stone.
I considered making this post go on about the metaphysical natures of Sun, Fire, and Lightning in my setting but then I was like naaaaaaah
Lightning- In howling winds and thunderstorms, pyromancy flames can be stoked to greater powers and channel the wrath of Glorious Sol, becoming Lightning, a purer manifestation of the sun than the degenerate flame is.
All Lightning spells deal +1 damage per HD of the target if the target is Darkspawn or Moonspawn(or Chaotic or Evil, to give some cross-system compatibility) and the thunderous booms generally cause terror in ones foes, forcing a morale check.

Charged Body- As Immolation, but long weapons are no defense.
Chain Lightning- As Desperate Dragon, but all enemies may be struck.
Call Down Lightning: During storm, calls down lightning bolt in 1d6-[dice] rounds dealing 3d10 damage to most conductive/hateful object and half to all within 20'. During rain has [dice] in 4 chance to call down lightning bolt in 1d6 rounds dealing 3d10 damage to most conductive     object and half to all within 20'. Continues to call lighting for [sum] rounds
Lightning Blade-As Heat Blade, but imbued weapon ignores metal armor, striking as though target was unarmored. Deals extra damage based on HD as above, nearby enemies save or also take a hit as the lightning jumps and thunder strikes. Sparks and crackles as torch light every blow.
Conduct Wrath- As Steam Cloud, but everything in water within [sum] feet of caster takes that much electric damage.
where undersun pyromancers hang out
Undersun Pyromancy
Overlaps spell lists with Sol Pyromancies,  but without Dawn Prayer or the ability to use enhanced lightning spells in storms, and in fact cannot function in daylight as these spells draw from the nameless and sunken Undersun, not Ascendant Sol.
The following spells may only be case underground.

Brimstone Stench- Nearby creatures with less than [dice] HD save or die each round they stay in the gassed cavern, and all take [dice] damage.
Well of the Undersun- Ground becomes lava. [sum] damage each round lava is not escaped.
Rain of Magma- Ceiling drips magma in a line from wall to wall. Those attempting to cross save or take [sum] damage, then half that again next  round as it continues to burn.
Grip of Slag- Destroy [sum] item slots of melee target and on a 12+ they save or have armor destroyed and take [sum] damage.

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