Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Monsters Into Magic Items, A-B

Monster bits are good for
A Potion
A Spell(to learn, or to store within a wand)
A Magic Item
A Magic Weapon (Bonus equal to +1 per 4HD of the source monster)
I'm arbitrarily skipping some listings that don't fill me with wonder and excitement, so prepare to be disappointed if you were really hyped for 'Antelope' or ''Dinosaur' entries. I'm also drawing from the BFRPG monster manual. There is also a fair amount of silliness.

Generally speaking potion components are much easier to obtain than the other 'recipes' and one must spend downtime and gold to finish the creation of these items once the components are retrieved.

Ant, Giant(Or ant-people)
Potion Of Ant Strength- Your encumbrance and carrying weight increases by x10.
Component- A manmade item that was carried into the nest by a giant ant. 
Spell- Purify Food and Water. There's a Hopi myth where the Ant-people helped humans survive an apocalyptic event by sharing their teachings about food storage, and their thin waists come from when they deprived themselves of food.
Component-the waist of an ant that starved to death.
Magic Item- Crown of The Queen Mother- Only usable by women who have given birth. Women may swear fealty to you so long as they have not given birth, and they will be blessed with unbreakable morale. They may transfer would-be pregnancies to you so as to keep this blessing, and yes, you can give birth to a hundred children at once and not die or nuffin.
Component- The wings of an Ant Princess
Magic Weapon- Ant Jaws- Like a mancatcher. Allows you to grapple at a 10-foot range at the end of the polearm, and to inflict d6 damage via grappling
Component- A jaw from a black giant ant and from a red giant ant that slew each other

Assassin Vine, Hangmans' Tree, other strangly killer plants
Potion- Oil of Silent Movement
Component- Flowers/seeds of the tree. Adds +50% to move silently rolls.
Spell- Silence, 15' radius
Component- The tongues of a man, a dog, and a songbird all slain by the plant in question
Magic Item- Magic Rope- Ties or unties itself at a command
Component-A root and a vine/branch of precisely the same length, braided together

Magic Weapon- Vegetable Garrotte- Can only be used in a Sneak Attack against appropriate foes. Inflicts 1d8 +magic bonus worth of strangulation in grapples(and double that in the sneak attack), escape is v death ray +str and takes a full action.
Component- A severed vine, harvested in pitch darkness.

Potion- Stone-To-Flesh
Component- A days worth of basilisk drool
Component- The eyes of a basilisk, harvested while cross-eyed
Magic Item- Basilisk Cloak- If the ends touch each other, it hardens to stone-like consistency. Big enough to hide 2 people under.
Component- The hide of a petrified basilisk
Magic Weapon- Basilisk Tooth Pickaxe- Spending a charge(charges=to basilisk teeth, replaced as tips) smash through up to 10' stone. Counts as +3 v creatures of stone such as stone golems, gargoyles, earth elementals, etc. Once out of teeth charges, it is a regular pickaxe.
Component- The Teeth of a Basilisk

Bat, Giant
Potion of Blindness-Blinds you, but gives you bat-sonar.
Component- The echo of a bat-screech
Spell- Curse of the Bat- Causes blindness, eyes vanish and are replaced by smooth skull or whatever
Component- The eyes of a bat. Bats don't have eyes, of course, discarding them at birth.
Magic Item- Blindhelm- Adds +1 AC. No eye slits. Figure it out.
Component- Skull of a Giant Bat slain in the light of Noon
Magic Weapon- Batarang- As thrown dagger, but ignores penalties for cover and concealment, arcing and ricocheting. Even if you can't actually see the target, so long as you know their position you can get an angle of attack.
Component- Claw of a bat that died but didn't touch the ground until the claw was harvested.

Bear, Various
Potion-Potion Of Bearing With It- If you would die, turn to stone, or otherwise be disabled, you can press on for 1 extra round before succumbing.
Component- Bear heart
Spell- Bear Weight- As floating disc, but it looks like a bear
Component- Bear spine, coiled into a circle, and stretched with bear hide.
Magic Item- Bear Naked Cloak-Give +AC equal to your attack bonus (including strength) so long as you're attacking in melee. Cannot be worn with other armor or clothes.
Component-Hide of a bear that slew someone after it was already dead.
Magic Weapon- Bear Hands- Clawed and furry gauntlets. 2 1d3 damage attacks, but if both hit, you can do a bearhug
Component- Arms of a bear that  died hugging someone

Bee, Giant
Potion- Of Longevity-Reduces age by 1d10 years. Save vs Mutation, as it is meant for bees.
Component- Royal Jelly
Spell- Honeyed Tongue-As Charm Person
Component- Tongue of a Queen Bee
Magic Item- Propolis- A resinous, sealing glue. Corpses preserved by it rise as mummies.
Component-Propolis, pilfered from giant hives.
Magic Weapon- Stinger of Sacrifice- A fragile arrow, dagger or spear. Forces a venomous Save vs Poison or Die on hits, but contains no venom. The wielder dies afterwards, no save, their soul consumed to fuel the attack. Soulless creatures cannot use the dagger.
Component- Stinger of a bee that died trying to sting something immune to poison.

Black Pudding-Component- A Black Pudding of 2HD size, typically contained via freezing and trapping in a pot
Potion- Bottled Death- 2HD size pudding, typically kept in a clay pot
Spell- Clotted Darkness- As darkness, but it is semisolid slime that extinguishes torches to boot.
Magic Item- Cleaner Bag- A large sack with a sessile black pudding that devours organic substances put inside, and spits out inorganic substances.
Magic Weapon- Acid Flail- A hollow mace with various valves that open upon applied pressure, allowing a tiny black pudding to strike, but not escape. Deals acid damage, may dissolve organic substances like leather armor, spider webs, etc.

Blink Dog
Potion of Alacritous  Escape- As dimension door, but simply takes the imbiber as far from danger as possible.
Component- Hair from a sleeping Blink Dog.
Spell- Dimension Doggy Door- As dimension door, but you emerge through an undersized square flap you had to crawl through
Component- Fully intact blink dog hide- typical skinning methods will not do.
Magic Item-Bracer of Blinking- Teleports wearer 1d100 feet in a random horizontal direction after they make a melee attack. If they would end up inside something, they save vs spells, staying where they are on a success and instantly dying otherwise.
Component- A vertebrae of a blink dog slain as it attacks, before it could teleport away.
Magic Weapon- Canine Katana- Upon unsheathing it, you may teleport 120 behind a target you can see and strike them in the same motion. It takes a round to sheathe or unsheathe it. The command word is 'Nuffinpersonnellkid.' When not attacking like this, the blade strikes with 1 lower size of die, and it is considered an evil weapon.
Component- The iron from the blood of an entire pack of Blink Dogs. The puppies too, or the blade will lack sufficient edge.

Potion Of Hog Wildness- If you would die, turn to stone, or otherwise be disabled, you can press on for 1 extra round before succumbing.
Component- Bear BOAR heart 
Spell- Neutralize Poison- Technically it just redirects the poison to your fat reserves and away from your vitals
Component- Boar Fat of a boar that died of old age
Magic Item- Pearl of Swine- Those who drink from a cup with a Pearl of Swine inside must save or be transformed into pigs. Wild folk become boars, civilized people become pigs.
Component-Pearl jewelry retrieved from a live boar's stomach.
Magic Weapon- Two-Tusked Bident- In addition to being able to charge and set vs charge, one may Countercharge, in which you charge a charging opponent and deal quadruple damage on a hit, provided you hit first.
Component- The tusks of a boar slain during its charge.

Bugbear (and other things I consider 'goblinoids')
Potion of Ugliness Makes you ugly enough to be mistaken for a Bugbear if you're a big guy, Orc or Hobgoblin if you're of average height, or a goblin if you're a little person. This potion is very cheap to make.
Component- A goblinoid eyeball
Spell- Glamour of the Greatest Goblinoid- As Charm Person, but bullying-based
Component- The fist of a Bugbear, with the fist of a goblin clenched inside, cut off in that position while the owners were alive.
Magic Item-Monolith of Goblinoid Upgrades- Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, etc will transform into improved HD goblinoids if they offer a humanoid sacrifice at the altar.
Component- The skull of a Bugbear Chieftain, strangled with the entrails of a Bugbear Shaman, and the remains placed atop a black stone at least 6 feet high.
Magic Weapon- Bugbear Shank-A dagger that grants the wielder +1 to surprise their enemies, so long as they are wearing leather or lighter and are brandishing it in a hand.
Component-The shinbone of a bugbear who never saw their killer.


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  3. This, is awesome. Thank you for starting the series!!