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Vint-Savoth Forester Background/Starting Equipments Chart

3- You survived the passing of the Blood Moon. No one else close to you did, except maybe one who fled. Start with bloody rags, a copper locket with the hair of someone precious to you, and as many Scourge points as you like (up to your wisdom)
If you start with at least 4 scourge points, start at level 2 and gain Red in Tooth and Claw.
If you start with at least 10, start at level 3 and gain Red in Tooth and Claw and Frenzy

4-You wield the Sickle Moon, a weapon inherited from your transformed huntmaster, who you now seek to put to rest. You have a brace of 5 throwing daggers, a wooden flute and the skill to use it, a bedroll, and your masters journal full of useful but increasingly disturbing and prescient notes.
(recommended starting trait- Blood Iron)

5-You start with a curious outfit of filmy veils and white leather. It gives 2 defense and keeps insect swarms and similar off you, and it takes 10c per stat damage taken and a city(or specialized town) to repair. You have a knife that is wickedly sharp and inflicts 1 point of bleed damage till your victim binds the wound, a torch, some incense, and a book on anatomy with all the back pages glued together. You fear mosquitoes, and may have a family who thinks you are crazy.
  (recommended starting trait- Bloodletter)

6-You've seen the inside of a nightmare incursion and know how to enter the Nightmare of Blood and Beasts and the ritual of the Snuffed Candle, though you'd have to be blind stinking drunk to ever be convinced to do it again. Start with a mask half-silver and half-bone, 13 candles, cultist robes that give a magic die if you wear 'em for a day, and a random spell in the form of a bloody cyst you keep in a jar, lest it return to Nightmare. Oh, and a dagger so serrated and hefty it's more like a machete or saw, even. It's for sawing through ribcages.
 (recommended starting trait-Blood Medium)

7-You are a user of the Axbalest, and have both a 2handed and a 1-handed version of the finicky weapons. You also have a bear trap, 5 pieces of chalk, 2 iron spikes and a mallet, a jar of grease and a jar of glue, 10 5-foot lengths of rope, a handful of caltrops, a molotov cocktail, and a twisted imagination.
 (recommended starting trait- Trapper)

8- You are a user of the brick n stick and have 3 notches with it, and appear as a wandering monk with a staff. You have a backpack filled with 20 coins donated to you by people you saved, 2 days of dried beef, and 3 bottles of alcohol that give 2 drunkenness each and can be turned into molotovs.
 (recommended starting trait- Blood Iron)

9- You've seen other hunters ripped to shreds, and have concluded melee combat with the beasts is a fool's game. You start with two pistols and 20 shots, a well-trained but slightly deaf war dog, half a dozen long-handled torches, a hand mirror, and a shovel.
 (recommended starting trait-Beastkin)

10- You are a skilled hunter, and in your off time you are comfortable living as a woodsman. Start with a wood axe, a tent, a bedroll, and 4 wooden stakes, rope, flint and tinder, 3 dead rabbits, and a shortbow and 24 arrows (one is silver, and you always recover this lucky arrowhead)
 (recommended starting trait- Beast Eater)

11- A lumberjack chosen by the huntmasters, you are a classically trained, if fresh, Vint-Savoth hunter. Start with leather armor designed to keep the blood off your skin and your choice of standard trick weapon, a hand lantern, and a fistful of fur from the beast that killed your fellow apprentices.
 (recommended starting trait-Blood Iron)

12-You worked as a rat exterminator in a big city, treading the sewers and hunting rats that grew more terrible with each passing day. Eventually your contract concluded, but you were left with a sense of work left undone, 10 mouse traps, a bear trap, a set of lockpicks, a silver dagger, a sling and 10 silver bullets, a wheel of cheese, and sweet poison that could kill a man as easily as a bunch of rats.
 (recommended starting trait- Blood Iron)

13-You have astronomy training, something that makes you incredibly valuable as a partner. You start with a spyglass, 50 feet of rope with a grappling hook, a gold piece, a sling with 24 lead bullets, a compass, your own astronomy journal, quill and ink, and an official document from Heliologos proclaiming you a professional astronomer.
 (recommended starting trait-Scourge Panacea)

14- You have decided pyromania isn't a mental condition, but a sound strategy. You wield a Lantern Flail(see bottom) and know of the simple alchemic distillation that turns 3 bottles of regular alcohol into a molotov cocktail. You start with your choice of 50 candles, 10 torches, or 2 lanterns, and the rest of your inventory is molotov cocktails.
(recommended starting trait- Trapper)

15- You have the massive wavy blade of a Moon Beam across your back, wrapped in cloth as it's not a weapon that sheathes well, and a combination of metal and dark leather armor (defense 4) Your backpack contains 50 feet of silk rope, 7 days of food, a bear trap, and a book on your personal skill/hobby.
(recommended starting trait- Blood Iron)

16-  You are one of those who wield a Lance Rifle and have a horse to boot. Sadly, this was your first time buying a horse and this poor creature is totally unfit for battle. At least you can ride it. You have a bag of carrots to feed your steed, a bag of biscuits to feed yourself, a bag of powder and 10 shots to feed your lance rifle, and an empty purse.
(recommended starting trait- Blood Iron)

17- You are clad in the curiously spiked Rose-Maille armor. In addition to this cumbersome thing, you carry a set of manacles and chains, and your choice of your backpack full of your choice of 10 items, or your donkey- either you left the donkey to the beast, or you left your equipment as you fled on the donkey.
 (recommended starting trait- Beast Eater or Beastkin)

18-You are nobility from house Vint, made apparent by your albino features. You start with, in order of importance to you, a floppy hat, a pistol with 6 silver bullets, a dueling rapier you painted black, a silver ring worth 1000c with your family crest, a hunchbacked lackey who will do anything you wish(but only in a manner that invariably annoys you), and an invitation to a masquerade ball from nobles long dead.
(recommended starting trait- Scourge Panacea)

Lantern Flail- Comes in 1 and 2-handed versions, and can be created with a lantern, 4 iron spikes, a hinge, a bit of rope (or chain) and a wooden haft by foresters.  Provides light as lantern, but has a 1-in-20 chance of going out with every attack, though it is easy to relight if you have fire on hand.

Passive Notch-You know how best to swing the flail to fuel the flames with oxygen. The flail deals the more advantageous of fire or physical damage and you can choose if you want to ignite flammable things like paper and wood on hits.

Active- Fuel Release- release the catch on the caged fuel, you can spray everything adjacent to you with burning alcohol/oil jelly, or on a successful hit, dump the contents onto a single creature, causing the lone unlucky target to burn until it spends a turn making a dex save.

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