Monday, October 2, 2017

Dominions 5 Soon

The videogame Dominions 5 is coming out soon, and I'll probably get it. The Dominions series are indie fantasy wargame brawlers with an amazing mythology, both inspired by reality and cut out of new cloth and hilarious in-game shenanigans that really tickle my fancy. They're also quaintly obsolete- multiplayer games are hosted by sending PBEM save files once a day to a random person unrelated to the devs who hosts a server that is probably just an extra computer he has. Games are rarely defined by masterful play and established tactics, and are collections of luck, stupidity, bad diplomacy, and other very loosey goosey nonsense, and that's why these games are great- they're full of almost tabletop RPG-style nonsense.

Anyway, I once kept track of a game I played via a hideous blog format  and figured hey, why not have a link floating around- I may even do it again for a Dom 5 game., but I'll do it here, not on wordpress

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