Friday, April 23, 2021

Lancer NPCs as Biomonstrosities

 So Lancer is a pretty cool game I've been playing/running recently, lots of tactical crunch and charop but in a less oppressive way than other systems. Maybe it's just the fact that comp/con exists to track character sheets- I'd be harder pressed to run/play the game without that wonderful service.

It has great visual support thanks to a 3rd party, retrograde minis, that has little art/tokens not just for the players, but for the NPC enemies too.

But there was one thing I was missing- Lancer supports fighting giant kaiju monstrosities (Never sapient alien species mind you, its a design goal to avoid being Starship Troopers) but the Monstrosity-type NPC is mostly just a 'rargle blargle eat your face' type enemy where the only real counterplay is to shoot it before it turns you to scrap.

But I wanted art for all the other NPC types flavored as biological, so I made 'em myself.

In campaign, these are engineered warbeasts, half genetically modded slime mold, half nanite. They are brainless, controlled by cocktails of pheromones and code, and are not even sentient, let alone sapient, and may or may not be piloted by humans or operating on remote commands. They are solar powered, but for bursts of growth/reproduction they can consume both organic and technological objects to produce self-sustaining squads that were designed to be analogous to modern fireteams.

Included is a KRX, a similarly bioengineered organism that serves as a false pilot (in truth piloted by humans of the lumarian papacy) that is a combination of the linked post and my own brain-eating/replacing wasps of the Autumn Moon, but that's just lore for my own campaign and should be disregarded for your own if you snag these critters. Also, a Keeper of Days, a clockwork mech that was a homebrew frame and reference/vector to the ever-present Kind-As-Night entity within this setting, which again you probably should disregard.

Anyway, here's a link to the actual monstrosities for use in ya own games


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