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Original Gygax Boars
Pretty much bears, tbh. Omnivorous beasts with bad attitudes that hit pretty hard and keep fighting after reaching 0hp in a berserk rage for a few rounds unless reduced to some negative hp score,. There are giant prehistoric boars which are twice as big, and warthogs which are basically the same thing but with adjusted damage. For whatever reason, the damage scores of the baby boars of varying sizes are given as well, which I suppose is well in-line of the assumption so far that, in AD&D, all baby animals must be fought to the death and/or sold to villains.

if you think these are too halfassed maybe I should go back to the drawing board
but i probably won't because that sounds way too boaring
Don't hate me for my puns, I was boarne and bred this way

Sunset Realm Boars
Mostly notable in that the domestic boar, the Pig, is one of the animals favored and domesticated in ages past by Our Lady of Gardens, and they are sometimes used for corpse disposal, either of huge monsters or people. This practice is common in Prince's Spit to the point that the phrase 'Feeding The Pigs' has the same energy as 'Sleeping with the Fishes.' does IRL, and they are popular animals in the moonlands, though the winter moon can quickly revert them to hairier, wilder versions of themselves. ie, boars.

This has given boars some totemic value to some hunter-gather civilizations who are contemptuous of agricultural civilization and shaving, likening their own strength and adaptation to the harsh environment with that of the boar, and that of agricultural citizens being 'pigs.' Barbarians and castle-dwelling nobles alike tend to enjoy hunting boar for sport and meat though, and while boars aren't monsters, Our Lady of Gardens appreciates a prayer in her name at boar feasts regardless.

There is a misconception that berserkers and barbarians hate being called such. The truth is that boarserkers hate being called bearserkers because bears and boars have a bit of a rivalry going on, as they share mytho-ecological niches as bad-tempered warriors too angry to die on time. As a quick shorthand, a fur-clad warrior with a bad temper from the Moonlands (espeically Wrecker Bay or the Auroral Reaches) is probably your classic berserker, while the same fellow from Vint-Savoth, Prince's Spit, or the Beast Islands is probably a Boarserker/barboarian.

Monster Boars
 In the dark forests of Vint-Savoth, boars, like all meat eaters in the area, have a tendency to grow corrupt with age, as trace amounts of the accursed moonblood of the fallen Blood Moon collect in
 their bodies. Though the hunters work tirelessly to eliminate the scourge of beasts, there are several legendary boars that roam the dark forest and have decades-old bounties on them that are so swollen that many doubt the blood ministers of Vint-Savoth could even pay them.

Gloso- A black boar of large but not unusual size, with a bristly hide of black iron and internal heat like a furnace, said to sharpen its bristles by rubbing on gravestones and vomit the molten armor and weapons of those it has devoured. This particular creature is thought to use the ghoul-tunnels to travel the land and is said to haunt ruined settlements moreso than the deep woods.
Bounty: 32,768 gold coins. Doubles every Hunt, and has been doubled for 15 years straight since the monsters first appearance in the village of Gloso, which is now an ashen ruin.

Three Tusk- tall as trees, with a third tusk as long as a man's arm sprouting from its horrid jaw, this tremendous creature is too large to be hurt by conventional weaponry, and too deep in the overgrown wilderness to bring siege weaponry to bear against it. The alleged offspring (or, more likely, similarly accursed boars) sometimes grow to the size of oxen and are known as Two Tusked.
Bounty on Two Tusked Boars- 50 gold
Bounty on Three Tusk- Estimated ~50,000 gold coins, priced at 1000 gold coins per head of height at the shoulder the titan has, which hardly accounts for the massive increase in mass each head of height implies, frankly.

Carnutes Monok- a gigantic, scarred and one-eyed boar that emits a stultifying musk that draws other boars(and domestic pigs that fail saves) to it and causes confusion(as the spell) in humans. It is known to have had many offspring with the stampede of boars that always surrounds it and this virility has spawned (probably spurious) rumors of bestiality that proclaim this creature the grandfather of were-boars.
Bounty: 1 gold per lesser boar, and 1 gold coins per pig living in farms near Vint and Savoth (estimated twenty-three thousand, currently) as it is feared that if the beast ever makes it to the largest pig farms, the danger corresponds to the pig population.

Mozus Vanfeyr- A pig of average appearance, somehow infected with first-order vampiric immortality and able to affect men and pigs with all the dread powers of a true vampire. Animals usually do not have their blood tested for moon-corruption until they are slaughtered, so the thought of a domestically camoflauged monster has kept many a Vint-Savoth peasant in terror during campfire tales.
Bounty- None, though the state will pay sages a pittance to lecture the populace on how such a beast is impossible and does not exist, ostensibly to reduce panic. But if you believe the conspiracy theorists, this is only proof that Mozus is real and was, in fact, elected as [ignoble politician of their choice] within the last decade.

The Cromerlydonian- Once a sacred oracular pig of Our Lady of Gardens, now a disgusting moonspawned monstrosity, an abominable horror of writhing flesh barely recognizable as a pig. Its oracular powers seem to inform it to develop mutations to counter whatever might stop it, and the Gardeners of Our Lady have offered anything in their power to grant, if only someone can put an end to this blasphemous mockery. It roams the Bog of the Canal and the borders of Vint, and so is really more of a Prince's Spit menace.
Bounty- Name your price to the biggest Church-State of the Three Kingdoms!

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