Sunday, February 4, 2018

Void Monk Alternate Levelling

Void Monks are pretty rad and so a player in my game is one. She has been a big hit with peasants and small children and small snail children. It just turned out that way.
Pretty much her

Anyway, here are the following ways to gain levels if bean counting piles of loot just isn't your thing.

  • End the belief system of a group of people. Killing a false god like a worshipped cult monster is the easiest most murderhoboey way to pull this off, probably.
  • Wastefully destroy something of immense value to demonstrate the worthlessness of all things. Nothingness can trigger this.
  • Disbelieve an Illusion. Then, while you're on a roll, disbelieve something real.
  • Enter outer space or some other appropriately barren void.
  • Annihilate someone (and possibly all their friends) so thoroughly that none remember they ever existed.
  • Successfully convince someone to let you remove their brain. This turns them to a level 1 Void Monk and probably your first disciple.
  • Found a monastery and spread the truth of the lie of the false world. 
  • Hunt and slay an Elemental, Chaos Serpent, or other progenitor primordial being as appropriate to the setting
  • Inflict an existential crisis on a high priest, demon, angel, god, all knowing oracle, or similar.
  • Exploit the false laws of reality to create a paradox, confirming the world does not truly exist and has no set form.
  • Obtain the Sphere of Annihilation. All-annihilating rampage and conversion to antagonist optional, but encouraged

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