Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Some Gross Undead Monsters

Hangmen- Flying Zombies

Their necks broke, they choked. They were left to rot in the breeze. They climbed up their own ropes and undid the knots on the trees. Dead men walking. They like making new friends. Hang em high, and slow, then their new friends too will be in the know.

You find them in forests, on or near roads, where there's lots of branches and plenty of outlaws to hang. They fear no god or hero, but cannot stand before an honest lawman and must flee, on foot.

HP- 3, but nothing hurts them unless you aim for their ropes, and you need to burn it or cut it. They're already dead, after all. The body's just an excuse for the rope to go round.

Weapon- Noose lasso.
1d4 grapple and choke. They drag one away, then come back later with one more on their side and one less on yours.

They can pull themselves into the sky and fly away, and often descend the same way, stopping with a jerk and some swinging and twitching a few feet above the ground. They ride the wind by hanging themselves from clouds and ravens tell them things in exchange for their eyeballs. They walk when they're hanging someone from a tree and like that best, but aren't above hanging someone from a ships mast or even a cloud.

Chigger Ghouls- Better than Rot Grubs

Some ghouls dig through the earth for old corpses, reshaping the graveyards with ghoul tunnels. Chigger Ghouls are parasites though. They don't bite you or claw you when you meet them alone, they lick you and caress you. Their touch makes you go stiff and limp, unable to move or cry, and then they shrink down to tiny little ghoul-people, smaller than your little fingernail and they dig through you, through the tunnels of your veins, and they nibble on your liver and your brain until you're basically dead yourself, and they make sure nobody is coming to save you by peering out from holes in your skin that their little ghoul heads peep out of, and then they leave just before you really are dead, and you get to thinking that all you need to do to get back what you're missing is eat somebody. Maybe not all of them, just a few little bites, from choice sections, to replace what you've lost. And you've lost so much, it's like you've shrunken and just keep getting smaller, like you're so hungry you've become hollow and you're falling into yourself.

Chigger Ghouls can grow back to full size, worming their way out of their host and growing to the size of a baby the first turn, a goblin the second turn, and finally reaching their full size- that of a petite teenage girl with spade-claw-hands and prognathous teeth-jaws. The oldest ghoul keeps growing though, and it inspires the others to stay and fight and defend their person-nest. She grows as tall as the tall man who came to save, you, then taller than him, then as tall as a tree, and that's Big Sister, who remembers the days of giants when the Chigger Ghouls grew BIG to burrow inside giants oh yes indeed.

4HP- Full Size
1 Defense- 
Paralyze 1d4. Damage does no damage, but makes you save or go stiff and limp and helpless if you fail a save.

Rip Apart- 3d4, All Out Attack- If you make them angry, they'll tear you apart with claws and teeth, letting you tear them right back. They think your flesh will give way first.

Grub-Size- Fire kills 1d6 of them if they're on the surface, or none if they're not.
Baby size- 1 HP, can't attack.
Goblin Size- 2HP, can't Rip Apart
Full Size- 4HP see above
Big Man Size- 8HP Rip Apart does 3d6
Tree Size- 16 HP. Rip Apart does 3d8

Ogre Suit- Necromantic Power Armor
Nobody needs an ogre's brain, and nobody wants an ogre's face, but an ogre's strength with a person's brain? Everyone wins. 

An Ogre Suit is a dead headless ogre with the guts all taken out and the Femur and the Humerus too, because you need room to fit your arms and legs in the upper part of their arm and leg and something had to go.

Ogre Suits only twitch on their own, but anyone can climb inside naked and feel the dead ogre veins connecting with their veins, and then they walk it around and crush people with the giant ogre hands and laugh off attacks with the giant ogre fat rolls. 

Necromancers can force people inside and then control the suit directly no matter what the person wants, but they do need to put someone inside first. The reason they do this instead of just using an undead ogre is because an ogre suit is faster and, despite being headless, less stupid than an actual headed ogre zombie. Also it lets  them use innocents/enemies as meatshields AND bodyguards.

You can't get out of an ogre suit once you're in, but you can be cut out. You'll bleed a lot, and bleed brown, and you might not be 100% alive anymore, but you CAN be rescued.

Ogre Suits that you control are like having 1d10 fists and 5 defense armor and other nasty things.

Ogre suits that you fight have 18 HP and 1d10 fists and 5 defense unless you attack the person's head (0 defense) poking out the neck as they cry and apologize. Or cackle insanely and praise their dark master because dumb necromancer groupies would totally put on an ogre suit if they thought it would make them immortal or whatever. 

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