Monday, August 28, 2017

1d30 odd things abandoned on the side of the road.

  1. A long trail of discarded plate armor, then a sack of skin, flesh, and entrails.
  2. A clockwork wind-up doll, impaled on a spear.
  3. A crying baby with features indicating unusual parentage.
  4. A huge and forlorn dog leashed to a stake.
  5. A handkerchief with flecks of blood and the initials LG.
  6. A bucket of water with a live fish inside.
  7. A moonshine still.
  8. The moon.
  9. A bloodstained stump, in which an executioner's axe is embedded.
  10. A pouch of foreign coins.
  11. A key to a very, very small lock.
  12. A dozen grandfather clocks.
  13. A feather, 10 feet long.
  14. A sign post to the nearest town, half-buried in dirt and leaves.
  15. A sack containing a roast potato, salt beef, an apple, and an honey-and-oat bun.
  16. An invitation to a fancy party addressed to someone who almost has a PC's name.
  17. A dueling glove with 6 fingers, stuck 15 feet off the ground in a thornbush or something.
  18. The private diary of a traveling maid.
  19. A church bell.
  20. A neatly arranged stack of blank papers, only some of which have been blown away.
  21. A giant ice cube. Roll again or decide what's inside, if anything.
  22. A coffin. Possibly occupied.
  23. A wagon with no wheels, but stocked with some valuable but perishable good.
  24. A catapult. 
  25. 6 identical chests. 1 is a mimic, 1 is just a carving, 1 is locked and full of its own keys, 1 is full of live mice, 1 contains sensitive information, and 1 contains 6 identical jewelry boxes...
  26. A bottle of excellent wine.
  27. A game board, set up mid-game. Air around it is unnaturally cold (or hot)
  28. Wanted posters of the PCs describing crimes they haven't committed.
  29. A portable altar of a god so inconsequential and petty that this is actually their only altar.
  30. A wacky-looking caterpillar in a cage and a single mithril fish-hook.
  31. Roll Twice
The way I see it, tables are only half the story, and the other half is for another GM to look at and go 'hmmm... okay that's what this means.' 
30, for instance. I could say 'oh this is for a ritual where you catch something outrageous by baiting a fishing line with the caterpillar and whatever you catch is bound to be your loyal steed for a year and a day and some mustache-twirler planned to catch a dragon with it to destroy his rival in love but abandoned it because he found out that his rival had been called off to war where he'd surely never return, leaving the fair Melissandra to remain an eligible bachelorette'

But since every campaign is different, I think it is better to give you a fraction of that and let you fill in the gaps with stuff that suits your campaign and your players.

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