Monday, October 16, 2017

8 villages

Koiphos- A fishing village by the sea.
Problem: Fish aren't selling well and village is having trouble obtaining manufactured goods. Everything is falling apart.
Notable Person(s):
Old man Mekephelon. Lives alone out in his shack on the beach. Fell in love with a mermaid once upon a time but that was in the Deep Islands, and he has no boat to return and his memory of the route probably isn't trustworthy.
Special Services: Fishing nets and rods of low quality but great abundance can be purchased for 1c. Going out fishing all day yields 1d6 days worth of food on a successful stat test.

Droi- Seedy town.
Problem: Ravaged by the Worlds Most Evil Dog
Notable Person(s)
Seripos, the old man who people think is the dog's owner but isn't. Needs this misunderstanding cleared up before he's lynched. Actually is the criminal mastermind of the town but is helpless to stop the dog and has lost control of his thugs.
Kalys, Moonlander exorcist who had his spellbook stolen by the Evil Dog. Would be VERY keen to get it back.
Alais- Blonde, perky-nosed assassin from King's Point, out to kill the mayor. She doesn't believe in evil dogs.
Kuruturuduruburu- Entity summoned by (now slaughtered) cult. Won't enter town until Dog is gone. Is wicked, but not unreasonable.
Special Services- Criminal element has a small but quality stash of Elric and moondust.
Has a bank that charges a pretty penny to open an account but doesn't ask where the money came from.

Meirrat- Fruit-harvesting village
Problem- Fruit groves were first plagued by snakes, then birds, now tarantulas. The emir looks poorly upon the lower yields.
Notable Persons- Trapper Alibn. Trapped the snakes in bucket traps, trapped the birds with poisoned nails in branches, but doesn't know what to do about the tarantula. Already accepted payment to get rid of them and spent the money, his hand will be chopped off if he doesn't come up with a solution.
Special Services- Bananas. Long and yellow. The peel is inedible and incredibly slippery. They come from the Beast Islands normally, and Meirrat is one of the very few places in Saresare that they grow.
Trained Tree- Rats- There are lots of rats in the banana farm that have grown friendly and indolent towards humans, and are oft kept as pets.

Blayou- Pigfarmer village.
Problem- Teramis the Witch who hasn't been seen in years has nonetheless been blamed for the theft of a prize hog. She lives somewhere east or west or the village.
Notable Persons- Wut- Village idiot. Common opinion is that he should be traded to the witch for the prize hog. Says 'wut'
Bronsen- Biggest baddest boss of the bog and don't you forget it.
Special Services- Sells piglets and mushrooms for cheap.

Sness- Pastoral highland sheepfarming village
Problem- Local dragon is menace to visitors but has kept Sness wolf-free for decades. It also recently ate a prince who wanted to slay it and now has a bounty of 10,000c on its head.
Notable Persons- Mad Mitty, old widow who has declared herself the dragons bride. Stays well away from it so she can't be THAT mad.
The Janes- Triplet shepherdesses who are the pride of the village (though the dragon is a contender too). Want to marry into wealth and have the looks to do so, but visiting eligible bachelors keep getting eaten.
Special Services- For a copper penny you can tour the Barrow of Heroes, which is where the Sness villagers keep all the shields and armor of would-be dragon slayers, or at least wooden replicas if the originals were lost or reclaimed by interested parties.

Al-Sar- Oasis village between neth and geth but not directly enough to be well-known.
Problem- No problem at all, but visitors must have a cat assigned to them during their visit.
Notable Persons- Baba and Iaba, a cantankerous old couple who aren't as amused by the similarity in name as you are. They have no cats and could tell you a thing or two about the beasts.
Special Services- You may(must) purchase a single kitten to go with you, to guard your pack from rats and insects.

Dostoll- A foresting town.
Problem- The lord in his castle has developed a taste for running down criminals with his dogs, and has had no shortage of criminals. His daughter hasn't been seen in weeks.
Notable Persons- Eagre- a massive man who is clever, strong, but direly ugly, hunchbacked with bulging eyes and protruding tongue. Wants to get out of town.
Hej-upirs- Foreigners from Saresare who run the bakery. Worried about the lord's daughter, their #1 customer
Special Services-The fortress provides safe asylum when moons roll overhead, and there is a crude oil well in the castle basement, meaning flammable oil is quite common (though it makes for dirty and smoky lanterns)

Serint- A farming valley with a tradition of sending youngsters to the old moon temples in the mountains as a rite of passage.
Problem- Strange noises have been heard from the temples and the rite of adulthood has been postponed.
Notable Persons-Derek, young man considered a boy because he fled from the temple. Regrets his cowardice and makes up for it with anger.
Oizan- Heleognostic assigned to village to study moon temples. Believes them to be sinister and is glad the villagers have ceased visiting them.
Special Services- Soporific flowers grow in and around the temples. Whiffs of their crushed bulbs can knock out a small person for a few minutes. Dried, their potency va inhalation is reduced but ingestion potency increases. Normally travelling doctors and alchemists buy the lot, and so prices are high.

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