Tuesday, April 17, 2018


I rarely enjoy seeing music blogposts honestly so I'll make a dungeon post tonight too
I've never met a player who drew comfort from having this in the background. The groaning and roaring and throbbing hums and pulses. I like it for unknown terrors and places that humans were never meant to be. All of Lustmord is pretty promising for ambient nasty noises. Door after door barricaded shut. Horrible in different ways depending on which side the players are on.

This is a song from a Japanese game series I know little about, but I find all the soundtracks to be quite interesting due to the many overlapping vocal tracks and the conlang of Hymmnos
used in the composition. Some of the songs are quite gentle and peaceful, but many have a great many poetic turns of phrases that work well for things that are deeply intertwined with humanity but not human themselves- gods and angels, that sort of thing. Angels that have no patience for free will and take mental control of humans to use them as tools to destroy evil. Humans abandoning animism and  creating gods of power and domination by their demands for granted miracles that served desire rather than need. Gods who view extinction event meteors as blessings that end suffering. Things that are understandable but hard to relate to, rather than full on lovecraftian horrors, and described poetically. I think that could make for good 'ancient lore' tidbits and religion.
Pretty much everything by Susumu Hirasawa is amazing, and in an ambiguously moving way. It's not some growling horror or victorious metal ballad, it's just something powerful and inexplicable. Which I like for fantasy, because there should be things that are stupendous and mysterious. Fear of the unknown is well and good but the unknown should occasionally just be strange and wondrous too. The players can do what they want with it, but including things that can't be immediately categorized into 'kill/flee/loot' is important to keep them wondering, with an emphasis on wonder

Any music that is unfamiliar is music that is potentially fuel for inspiration,  I think. I certainly hadn't listened to much inuit throat singing before Tanya Tagaq, or given much thought to making my frozen wastelands Inuit inspired rather than viking inspired, but heyo, now I have breathy grunting musics to weird my players out with. See above for my thoughts on the value of the unknown as more than a source of terror, but wonder as well.


  1. Found Lustmord... years and years ago. Recognized its value to this game immediately. And so on to Desiderii Marginis, Sinke Dûs, Kammarheit...

    1. I'll be sure to check those out, thanks for the recommendations