Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Combining Damage and To-Hit

So I was thinking about my fantasy game system that DEFINITELY isn't my own pale imitation of the GLOG (, and I came up with the following idea, which DEFINITELY isn't a riff off of some of Necropraxis ideas
( It's starting to bug me how I either have to reveal enemy AC or the players have to constantly ask me 'do I hit' after their rolls and then spend more time rolling the damage. So-

Attacks do one die of damage. No roll to hit, just 1dx. The X ranges from 4 to 12, even numbers.

Unarmed- 1d3. Grappling can mess up people even in heavy armor if you know what you're doing, and if you're even considering this, you probably do. Instead of damage, on a 3 you can generally pin 1 limb+1 per STR bonus, steal a held or belt item away, trip someone, and so on.

Small Weapon like a dagger- d4. If you have strength penalties or bonuses, they don't apply, and if you attack from surprise you deal damage as though all your dice rolled 4, since it's easier to position a dagger at someone's helmet eyeslits than it is to do with a Glaive Guisarme or some such. Slings fall here.

1 handed weapon, often throwable-d6. Ignore STR penalties if wielded in 2 hands. Most spears here, as well as small hunting bows.
Well Made 1 handed weapon, like a knights sword. Or a long bow. d8
Two-Handed weapon- d10. Crossbows go here.
Dragon-Skull-Onna-Chain- d12 Ludicrous magical things and rifles go here.

Defense reduces damage from attacks- this could be dodging the worst of the blow or absorbing it with armor, it doesn't matter.

Defense probably ranges from 1 to 10, with higher numbers being exponentially harder to get to than lower numbers. A knight's heavy metal armor is worth 6 defense, and a shield brigs it up to 7, and barring magic or exceptional agility, that's probably as good as human defense gets.

Woop de doo, right? Well, here's what I hope is the interesting bits.

Rolling max damage is a critical, and defense doesn't help at all. So puny daggers deal 4 unavoidable damage 25% of the time, and big weapons are frightening because they always threaten those huge hits both in terms of big damage and REALLY big crits. Not bad, right?

You can also do All-Out Attacks, where you roll an extra die and take the best one. If you get a match though, you can use ALL matching numbers. If you don't kill your target you're in trouble though- your defense is 0 until your next turn, as you are off balance and put no thought into defending yourself, only striking down the enemy. Doing this with a ranged weapon takes an extra turn of aiming.

Attacking from total surprise adds 1d to your attack as well. Being behind someone isn't enough, though this does let you get around their shield and so on.

Every time you're rolling more than 1 die, you're taking the best result. If you did an all-out attack, you're taking the best result OR adding up the damage from all your matches and using that. Dice that show maximum ignore defense. Incidentally, this means an All-Out-Surprise Attack with a dagger or sap does 12 damage, enough to kill most people and then some, and even some monsters.

Finally, people with a Knight/Fighter background can split up their attacks for each die they roll- so rolling a 5, 6, 6 with a 1d8 weapon would let them do 3 attacks for those scores of damage, or 2 attacks, one for 5 and one for 12. You can't split ranged attacks like this.

Monsters should come with a few different attacks that can be seen coming or baited out. Like so
Rabid Lumberjack
Defense 3
Tree-cutting Blow [1d12]
That doesn't look fun! Break his axe and he'll switch to this
Flailing Fists [2d3] All-Out
His fists have pretty good odds of dealing 3 damage through defense, but if you had weak defense it's probably safer than 1d12, and the Jacks defense is 1 now. You know what's even safer? Shooting him with arrows.
Throw Axe [1d6]

Not a very thrilling monster but for a dumb early enemy this pattern could be nice to learn, exploit, and overcome. And I DEFINITELY wasn't inspired by this post from Skerples when thinking of this.

You should be able to improve your weapons as you kill stuff with them and enchant them and so on.

Boring Upgrade
+X Damage. Maxes out at the quality of weapon/quality of your stats. Do I even want stats or weapon 'quality'? Meh, sounds like beancounting.
+ (Or -) Size of Damage Die

Powerful Upgrades
+1 Die Rolled (Can only get this once, I reckon)
Special Effects- Like, when you roll a 1 you poison them or something like that instead of just sucking.
Special Move- Like disarming people or legsweeps or shooting a laser beam?

Actually Interesting Upgrades
Maybe if your trusty rusty dagger has impaled the Lord of Squids(or maybe just lots of Squid Knights) it steals their power and you can throw it and it whips back into your hand with a tentacle. Or it can shoot a cloud of blinding ink. Or instantly sever tentacles now. Something. Not necessarily combat somethings.

I'll probably come back to this idea to refine it some. Hopefully refining doesn't mean 'bogging down in awful time-wasting minutiae.'

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